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True Influence was founded in 2008 to compete in the emerging B2B marketing automation software category. Two years later, we recognized the enormous opportunity of dramatically expanding the reach, scope and relevance of behavioral data used to identify and engage with in-market B2B prospects. So we began developing the intent monitoring technology that’s proven to be the cornerstone of our success.

Our breakthrough: Collect and catalog decision-makers’ content consumption across the entire internet, not just a limited collection of publisher web sites or our own online channels. We use this information, which is called intent data, to identify and target decision-makers who are actively researching a purchase decision. Coupled with our dedication to verify and deliver only the most accurate contact info, this new approach to behavioral data targeting quickly moved us to the head of the pack among B2B lead providers.

Now, we’ve grown to be a consistently profitable international company with hundreds of employees. And our vision for data-driven marketing is the catalyst for the creation of a hot category in B2B martech, third-party intent monitoring, where we also lead.

True Influence Timeline
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By 2010, our processes for gathering and analyzing online purchase intent signals matured to the point that we named our system the True Influence Relevance Engine™. While it continues to evolve and improve, Relevance Engine remains the differentiator that sets apart our demand generation offerings.

By 2015, we were so confident in the results of Relevance Engine that we saw the potential in creating a customer-facing interface for our powerful market intelligence tool. In early 2016 we launched InsightBase®, our subscription-based Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform. InsightBase’s intuitive user interface empowers B2B marketers to build intent-powered campaigns that deliver highly-qualified leads directly to their marketing and sales automation platforms. InsightBase subscribers also have access to a wide range of intelligence reports to optimize every aspect of their campaigns and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies. We were proud of InsightBase when we released it, and we’re even more excited about the recent 2019 release of Version 4.1.

In 2017, our leadership team sat down with SiriusDecisions, a key thought leader in B2B marketing, to impress on them just how powerful purchase intent monitoring can be. The result? SiriusDecisions designated Intent Monitoring as a category in its marketing technology stack analysis, and even cited it as a requirement in the Active Demand stage of its Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Demand Unit Waterfall. Other analysts have followed suit, and now we find ourselves in the lead of a category we helped create.

It’s a nice spot to be in.

RK Maniyani

“Intense bursts of Intent Signal activity not only indicate a general topical interest in your product or service but also the likely timeframe for purchase. The goal is to identify real, qualified and interested leads – not just anybody you can spray emails to.”

RK Maniyani
Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, True Influence

True Influence is giving back

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True Influence is giving back

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