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We’ve worked hard to combine billions of live Psychographic signals with Firmographic and Demographic data layers to bring you the largest B2B data pool in existence. Our massive company data combined with our 30 million curated business contacts (including email and phone) gets you closer than ever before. The bottom line: using simple keywords, you can match our company intelligence with probable business contacts for pinpoint ABM accuracy.


The InsightBASE platform has a simple interface that anyone can use to power display or email campaigns, analyze keywords and companies, and alert sales of interested buyers. So what's the secret sauce? Our fact-based Relevance Engine uses refined regression analysis to identify the most interested audience for your brand and delvers it to you in real-time with unprecedented accuracy.


InsightBASE has native integrations with Oracle/Eloqua, Marketo and Salesforce to supercharge your existing campaign database. This gives you the ability to know what your customers are thinking and engage them with the right message at the right time while they’re in the research process. You can automatically send Surge Alert notifications to your team to make contact during the buyers journey before it’s too late.


Our curated list of over 30 million B2B contacts gets you closer than ever before. Every subscription has free access to names, email addresses, phone numbers, company and position of business professionals throughout the US. See how combing marketing intelligence with people gets you closer to your next customer. It's smarter ABM.


We understand, sometimes you just don’t have the time to get all done so rely on us to use the InsightBASE platform and manage success for you. As a part of your marketing team we'll deliver the expert results you need - content syndication leads, marketing qualified leads, sales-ready leads and analytics. Turbocharge your sales and marketing campaigns on-time, on-budget - and with guaranteed, TripleCheck accuracy.

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