Blazingly fast, and almost error-free Demand Generation


Enhancing the API Layered Solution Platform

OpportunityBASE is now an integral part of our InsightBASE software platform. This addition goes even further to enhance our ability to provide you with the highest quality leads possible — something you have come to expect from True Influence. OpportunityBASE is an enhanced first-step towards a more efficient Customer Success Strategy.

You’ve invested resources in content that highlights the benefits of your product and builds your brand’s reputation. You’ve also researched your market and identified desirable prospect personas and account targets. However, competition for an in-market customer is fierce. Even the best in-house email lists and web channels represent only a fraction of your company’s potential lead opportunities.

So how do you connect with a global audience of B2B decision-makers efficiently? How can you create and maintain easier workflows?

True Influence’s InsightBASE software platform, enhanced by OpportunityBASE, takes full advantage of our massive database of 490 million contacts in key international markets. Each furnished record includes job role and function data, as well as precise location, firmographic, technographic and other powerful targeting criteria for audiences in your key world markets: U.S., Canada, EMEA, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Our customer service team helps you design Content Syndication and strategic programs that tap into new audiences and improve your cost-per-lead and campaign performance goals.

Our advanced targeting technologies pinpoint exactly the right audience for your content. We have the market intelligence to identify accounts that are actively researching your product, ensuring your message arrives at exactly the right time – when prospects are ready to buy.

THE RESULT: A steady flow of top-quality leads designed to drive every stage of your revenue pipeline.

The OpportunityBASE™ ADVANTAGE:

  • Adds fuel for an efficient first phase of our Customer Success Strategy.
  • Helps provide you with the highest quality of ContentLEADS™ and TeleLEADS™
  • Helps make full use of our massive global database of 490 million contacts in key international markets.
  • Enhances our advanced behavioral analytics and targeting technologies to find exactly the right audience for your content.
  • Goes further in helping us deliver only business emails for contacts who are interested in your product—almost error-free.
  • Uses our exclusive TripleCHECK® lead verification system ensuring continued uncompromising accuracy. Our leads are 100% guaranteed.



True Influence continues to deliver leads in the time-frame you request, at the pace you request, integrating seamlessly with your existing marketing and sales programs. Your pipeline keeps pumping with the highest-quality leads who engaged with your content and are ready to buy.


True Influence Delivers

Top-quality leads when you need them
OpportunityBASE™ helps fuel our software platform ensuring you’ll get a steady supply of new, highly-qualified and fully validated leads at every stage of the purchase journey: from marketing to sales-ready.

Industry-leading customer service
Our years of experience as an industry leader in Demand Generation give us the insight needed to help you design content programs that beat expectations. Our team is devoted to helping you exceed your cost-per-lead (CPL) and campaign performance goals. We respond immediately to optimize campaign parameters and address your concerns.

Outstanding exposure for your content
Our ContentLEADS and TeleLEADS campaigns promote your content as value-added resource material for B2B decision-makers. You’ll build a global reputation as a thought leader and long-term partner in your customers’ success.


True Influence Works for You

We find the right audience
OpportunityBASE works with our powerful analytics, and audience segmentation tools to find prospects within our almost two billion contact records, who are the best match for your message. We constantly monitor our performance to ensure we are delivering your content in the most powerful manner possible. Intent Signal analytics adds another layer of market intelligence to identify accounts that are actively in-market should you choose to overlay them. We can also target your named account list to fuel Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies if you desire. Our goal is to create a program that over-delivers and outperforms.

We help set the right lead qualification criteria
Our customer service specialists have years of experience in helping define campaigns that exceed cost-per-lead and performance expectations. In addition to your standard personas, we can suggest job roles and other criteria that may be off your radar but still have enormous influence on the prospect’s final purchase decision.

We validate every lead
Our exclusive TripleCHECK® lead validation process uses computer algorithms, human tele-verification and social media to confirm that the lead information is current and accurate. Our leads are 100 percent guaranteed – any out-of-target leads are replaced, no question.

We deliver leads when you need them
We deliver daily or weekly — it is up to you. Leads can be posted directly into your leading marketing automation systems to fuel your existing nurturing programs. We guarantee lead delivery at the volume you request and at the pace you request, keeping your pipeline consistently healthy.

We’re there for you
We are with you every step of the way, answering any questions and addressing concerns. We adjust campaign parameters on the fly to meet changing goals and keep your cost-per-lead on track.

You get results
Keep your marketing and sales pipelines pumping with top-quality leads who are engaged with your content and ready to move along the purchase journey to a closed sale. Our massive database, advanced data analytics and excellent customer service work together to empower you to connect with a broader audience and grow your business. For the right prospect, with the right message, at the right time.

Red Checks


Our verification process guarantees our leads are real, employed and reachable.

Red Ribbon

The highest quality leads.

If you recieve an out-of-target lead, we replace it no questions asked.

Red People

Business 2 Business

Customers receive only verified business leads delivered on-time and on target.

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