Win Sales Calls
with New Prospects


Create quick wins for your sales team and book new business that keeps your revenue projections on track.

Identifying sales-ready opportunities and scheduling sales calls with prospects who are close to a spending decision is critical to maintaining a healthy pipeline.

Every B2B seller knows this. And yet prospecting often gets put on the back burner. Sales devotes its valuable resources to closing deals, and SDRs often focus on the volume of calls they can book, not the quality of the opportunity. You’re left scrambling to fill gaps.

To win sales calls with decision-makers who are ready to buy, you need a data-driven approach to identifying in-market prospects who are actively researching your product or service. You need to be able to ramp up your prospecting efforts quickly to meet near-term revenue goals. You need call center professionals who understand how your business’s core value proposition meets the needs of ideal target prospects. And you need an experienced team that’s committed to cultivating sales-ready opportunities until that sales call is on the prospect’s calendar.

AppointmentBase combines advanced market intelligence, our massive B2B contact database, and our team’s decades of experience as a leader in B2B demand generation to create a powerful solution for identifying, prospecting and booking appointments with sales-ready prospects.

Based on our initial conversation with a prospect, we commit to a plan of follow-up calls or move the contact into a nurturing program – whatever it takes to land an appointment with a highly-fit, sales-ready opportunity. And when a prospect commits to meeting with sales, we book the appointment and deliver the contact directly to your CRM or sales engagement platform.

The result: Sales gets appointments with the right prospects, at the right time.

Introducing AppointmentBase

The AppointmentBase® advantage

Prospecting powered by intent and expertise

The AppointmentBase advantage begins with True Influence’s database of 500 million B2B contacts, including firmographic information from Dun & Bradstreet. We identify high-level decision makers who match your ideal customer profile, both in your target accounts and at buying organizations that may not be on your radar.

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Identify, qualify and set sales appointments with prospects who are actively interested in your product or service.

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Leverage True Influences’ decades of experience as a leader in B2B demand generation for an uncompromising customer experience.

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Detailed opportunity synopsis provides a complete picture of the prospect’s need so sales can immediately move forward.

You need the prospecting power of intent.

  • In-language calls are audited, and our team is constantly supervised and coached.
  • Contacts and appointments are automatically posted to your sales engagement system, CRM or MAP.
  • Free up valuable Sales resources to focus on closing new business.
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