5 B2B Social Media Lead Generation Strategies for 2016

Earlier this week, we discussed some of the top B2B social media case studies for 2016. These days B2B marketers rely on social media to engage potential customers, build awareness and ultimately move leads down the funnel. In this environment feedback — good and bad — is instantaneous. The ability to reach groups of users identified by their interests is virtually boundless, a virtual ocean of opportunity.

According to BtoB Magazine, 93% of all B2B marketers are engaged in some form of social media marketing, with most focusing on the three most popular channels — LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Whether or not you’ve already cast your net into the vast social media marketplace, these five proven strategies will help lure in leads.  It’s time to optimize your ability to convert interested surfers into valued clients.

Elevate Your Image

Because cyber networks are filled with savvy competitors vying for buyers’ attention, every business needs to elevate their image to get noticed. An effective way to do this via social media is to position yourself as a thought leader in your field.

Once you’re considered an expert in your market who shares valuable and helpful information, people will follow you. When they follow you, they may share your information with their social media connections — thereby expanding your influence and pool of potential leads and connections.

Spread the Word

Search engines like Google and Yahoo thrive on giving visibility to compelling key-word rich content to valuable content on your website. From articles, videos and infographics to whitepapers and webinars, the smart informative content you generate can proliferate wildly across different channels on social media.

When content is linked to and shared, your site’s visibility exponentially increases, bringing your business to the attention of those who need your products and services.

Follow Facebook

Where you choose to focus your social media attention is equally important in navigating the waters successfully.

Facebook, one of ‘the big three’ social media channels, reels in about 71% of B2B marketers according to a recent study in BtoB Magazine.[clickToTweet tweet=”Facebook reels in about 71% of B2B marketers says BtoB Magazine.” quote=”Facebook, one of ‘the big three’ social media channels, reels in about 71% of B2B marketers according to a recent study in BtoB Magazine.”]

It was cited as being a channel where users ‘pay attention’. Pique the interest of your FB audience by connecting over comments, shares and links to landing pages with relevant content designed to broaden their interest and expand your reach regionally, nationally and internationally.

Track Twitter

Smart B2B marketers use Twitter to track tweets that identify, qualify and generate leads. Use it to deliver short and concise promo, catch the social buzz and to see who’s talking about you and your competition.

This fast-paced portal for news, resources and what’s currently trending is the perfect venue for contributing as a thought leader in your industry. Be the go-to source for knowledge and trends by tweeting relevant news throughout the day via a Twitter scheduling tool, like HootSuite.

You’re likely to stay top-of-mind in the social realm and open the door for deeper relationships to develop.

Leverage LinkedIn

The most-used channel of the core three, LinkedIn ranks highest with B2B marketers. They identify lead-generation as the most valuable result of LinkedIn marketing.

Since who you know is a large part of B2B sales and who everyone knows is an open book on LinkedIn, the potential for leveraging introductions across networks is outstanding. Use it to increase traffic flow to your website and to landing pages personalized with content crafted to resonate with your target audience.

While diving wholeheartedly into B2B social media marketing, we’re reminded of the importance peer influence has on potential customers. While you may not have leads banging on your door through your social media efforts, it’s a given that businesses would rather do business with a company that has a proven social media track record.

Peer influence is having a greater impact on purchasing decisions than any other form of traditional marketing. Tapping into influential social networks is a growing trend in continuing the conversation and nurturing leads down the funnel — faster – to ultimately win their business.

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