I need to improve
the results of my
email campaigns

Campaign analytics

To get the most out of your email campaigns, you need reliable data to help answer these questions:

  • “How do I get a more responses from my emails?”
  • “How do I create email content that resonates with my target audience?”
  •  “How do I know when my targets are most interested in engaging?”
  • “How do I better personalize my emails and other communications?”
  • “How do I deepen engagement with those targets who are interested?”


By delivering the data to send people the right message, at the right time, when they are most interested, True Influence helps you improve your email response rates  – answering these questions and more.

There are at least 3 ways to incorporate InsightBASE® into your email marketing strategy.


Identify targets who are interested in your product right now and trigger email campaigns automatically


Find out which topics your targets are researching and design email content that answers their questions


Automate email responses to spikes in activity that indicate a target is ready to buy


Case Study

Feeding a hungry sales force



Several divisions within Gartner, a leading analyst firm, wanted to run test content-syndication campaigns to experiment with new tactics. However, the company’s system was not set up to accommodate small programs, as they had proven to be difficult to manage from a pricing perspective. As a result, requests for these test campaigns were being denied, leaving marketing teams unable to test different approaches to content syndication.


True Influence developed a custom umbrella program that encompassed all Gartner’s campaigns — large and small — enabling them to hit all their lead targets while staying on budget.


Gartner marketing teams now have a plan for continuously improving their content syndication ROI by running test campaigns and learning from the results.