Three Things We Are Thankful For

With Thanksgiving just one sunrise away, it’s important we remember to thank our True Influence® family.

From the amazing people who have continued making True Influence one to notice, the ones who were doing the right things at the right times, to our loyal customers who trust us to deliver the best solutions, we say thanks.

It’s so important to recognize the many thank yous that are due not only Thanksgiving, but also beyond the boundaries of the holiday. Still, Thanksgiving – a day set aside for thanks – is no better time to do so.

According to the experts, when we take the time to say thank you, when we express our gratitude for things that are important to us, we experience enormous health benefits, including a near improbability that you’ll feel stress. That’s because gratitude is truly felt in the heart, according to the Institute of HeartMath. Recognizing it improves the heart’s rhythm, erasing stress. Gratitude elevates feel-good endorphins – and who couldn’t use a few more of those?

Our Team (our biggest shout-out)

We love the people we work with!

A workplace doesn’t function well when people don’t feel appreciated for what they do, even though without their efforts, nothing at all could truly function.

Brian Giese, the CEO of True Influence, recognizes the inherent value of every person who is part of the company, and works hard to ensure everyone involved knows how valuable they are, not only to the daily function of the company but for the products as well.

THANK YOU for your part in bringing True Influence’s cutting-edge, DaaS platform to life so effectively. Know that none of it would have been entirely possible without you.

But aside from the most obvious – the team that makes it happen – our top thank-yous include:

Technology (and data)

Suddenly, the most mundane but essential tasks of marketing – determining who to contact, doing a true analysis of business climate – can now be done through the beautiful complexity of technology. Adding in layers of data, in an easy to use platform gives marketers the ability to take advantage of these new developments in B2B.

That growth in technology teamed with a passion for data led to the development of the fact-based marketing platform, InsightBASE®, giving our customers a valuable edge.

Growth in technology allows creativity to flourish. We’re at a time where technology is so full of surprises that it will ultimately transform the entire way in which we see the world.

It’s impossible not to give thanks.

Our customers

The founder of positive psychiatry, Dr. Martin Seligman, Ph.D., says that writing a letter of gratitude and thanks is an important part of getting the feel-good aspects that come with giving thanks. With this post, we are thankful for the opportunity to recognize the businesses that are part of our marketing family for not only helping us refine and improve our products due to each individual business need, but also for trusting us to deliver.

We each make the other better, and we appreciate you being on this business journey with us.

Happy Thanksgiving from the True Influence Team.

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