4 Steps for a More Strategic Approach to Content Marketing

Content marketing may send you into a tailspin of ideation, but leave you struggling to identify a strategic process that will result in unique and useful customer experiences. As the lines between social media, public relations, and search engine optimization continue to blur, brands must place a renewed focus on developing and promoting great content for their audiences. Content for the purposes of digital marketing can come in the form of blogs, articles, videos, infographics, podcast, images, and more. To be successful, this takes total buy-in throughout the organization and a significant investment in time and talent.

Make smart decisions about how to approach your strategic content marketing initiatives by following these four steps:

1. Data Analysis: Analyze the data sources at your disposal to drive a strategy that will resonate with your audience. Leverage datasets like internal search data to determine whether users’ goals aren’t being satisfied with your current site content. Look at your search referral data to locate themes. Are there common comparisons, how-to, or technical specifications that users are searching for? Review keywords with a high bounce rate to see if you can identify content gaps. Top exits from internal search queries might also show you what content would be of unique value to your customers. Review paid search and Google webmaster data to identify keywords that have good visibility but a poor click-through rate. Instead of content marketing in a vacuum, look at the data and let it tell you how to proceed. . . . read more

By: Brent Gleeson and Laura Beatty

Source: DM News

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