2016’s ABM Events You Must Attend

Conferences, summits and other ABM events are a big opportunity for today’s marketing and sales teams to see what’s working for major players, network and get in front of buyers in-person. These opportunities are especially important in B2B marketing.

According to the Content Marketing Institutes’s 2016 B2B Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends marketers ranked in-person events as the most effective tactic in their marketing strategy. For the 6th year in a row, in-person events ranked #1 for marketers. That number increased 6% this year, with 75% of content marketers indicating effectiveness.

Account Based Marketing — the big buzzword in today’s B2B marketing circles — is popping up as a topic and the focus of some of B2B’s big marketing events in 2016. If you’re considering the adoption of account based marketing, want to get in front of ABM buyers or learn from the best, then start making your travel plans.

Every year it seems like more ABM events are added to the calendar. It can be hard to sort out the best options. When it comes to ABM, we think these are some of the best options for the rest of 2016.

August: #FlipMyFunnel in Boston

One of the big ABM marketing events of the summer is when #FlipMyFunnel heads to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on August 11. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from ABM thought leaders on the hottest topics helping businesses increase their B2B sales.

Perhaps best for practitioners will be the series of case studies that look at both general ABM practices and how to apply it to unique or challenging customers. Learn about operational challenges for adopting ABM in general and a few tips to achieve better results with existing prospects and improve the qualifications of new leads.

Expect to see us us at #FlipMyFunnel in force — where you can meet the True Influence® team in person and get a personal demonstration of how InsightBASE® can get you better results in your email marketing and programmable display campaigns, for just a few examples.

September: Content Marketing World Conference and Expo

Mark Hamill and LEGO Company’s Lars Silberbauer are headlining the Content Marketing Institute’s Content Marketing World 2016 with a conference focus on growing any marketing company and reaching your B2B prospects with a stronger approach.

Joe Chernov, the VP of marketing for InsightSquared, will be one of many speakers addressing ABM and how it must work in tandem with content marketing and other tactics. Joe was named in AdWeek’s list of the 100 most creative people in advertising and should provide great insight into properly adding ABM to your marketing mix.

October: B2B Marketing Forum 2016

MarketingProf’s are weaving ABM into their annual B2B event with sessions designed to remove the hype around ABM and give you help creating a specific plan. The 2016 B2B event on October 18-21 provides a deep look at ABM even considering the adoption of “Account Based Everything” for outbound.

Come and hear professionals provide strategies to scale and drive larger leads compared to inbound, how and when to personalize account-specific messages, and the current most successful efforts and practices for named accounts.

November: INBOUND 2016

INBOUND can provide any ABM practitioner with the right foundation into reaching out to each level of a prospect. It’s full of hands-on lessons and individualized sessions for industry and different tactics. Last year, more than 14,000 attendees listened to presentations by leadership from Google, Copyblogger Media, HubSpot and more.

There’s expected to be a large focus on ABM in sessions that speak of increasing the size of prospects, growing an agency, and earning influence with multiple stakeholders and decision makers. The conference runs November 8-11 in Boston.

December: IGNITION – The Future of Digital

Business Insider’s flagship IGNITION conference is always a smart year recap of business, technology and media growth. It’s one of the better conferences for having frank discussions on what is, and especially what isn’t, working in advertising and marketing in the past year. It might be a little chilly though, on December 5-7 in New York City.

IGNITION has heralded to rise of streaming and video services, showcased how to apply predictive analytics to marketing, and provides updates on best practices targeting management. This year you can expect a significant focus on mobile and video moving past Millennials to more B2B scenarios, including the preference of executives for video.

These are just a few of the great conferences available during the rest of 2016. We hope to see you there!


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