True Influence® CEO Discusses Fact-Based vs Predictive Analytics

Brian Giese featured in Analytics Week

True Influence® CEO Discusses Fact-Based vs Predictive Analytics

Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence, was interviewed by Analytics Week about the benefits of using real time, fact-based data versus the “crystal ball” predictive analytics model. This is a conversation about the widely-accepted view that predictive analysis is the end-goal of predictive insight.

In the interview, Brian says that “We enable information you can give to the executive suite about what’s actually happening. Not that we’re going to predict what’s going to happen, but what’s actually happening right now. CEOs want to know that.”

True Influence is a company that provides intelligence in the form of tracking customer behavior online to Fortune 500 companies. It has its own platform called InsightBASE®, and is able to provide 100% guarantee that all leads are verifiable and convertible to actual sales.

The article focused on why real-time big data analytics – late-breaking, fact-based data that allows businesses to reach out to potential customers at the right time during the decision-making cycle – is a smarter way to guide marketing campaigns. Brian mentions that True Influence is the 6 o’clock news, not Nostradamus, overtly highlighting that predictive analytics is still the most reliable method in building a loyal client base.

True Influence’s managed services and platforms provide data that involve everything from hedge fund analysis to conventional marketing. The article notes that “it involves factual descriptive analytics with minimal ambiguity relating to future events, because they have already happened. The real-time capabilities of such services enables organization to effectively separate the true signals from the proverbial noise.”

As Brian observes that “B2B marketers are in the dark,” his company, True Influence, uses its technology-driven data to create light in that darkness.

Topping Predictive Analytics with Real-Time, Big Data-as-a-Service – AnalyticsWeek


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