True Influence News: August Blogs Offer Insight on InsightBASE

August may have brought with it the dog days of summer, but that did not stop True Influence from expanding its impact on the B2B community, by growing its platform InsightBASE, an intent monitoring platform, that is unsurpassed in the world of artificial intelligence.

We also offered advice on the best marketing techniques for your business, as well as news about our own business growth.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our best:

Understanding Intent Monitoring and Its Real-World Applications

We kicked off August with a blog post that took a close look at intent signals, and the benefits that tracking them can bring to your company’s lead generation process.

When you are able to determine exactly what a person sitting at his or her desk is researching, due to webpage visits or whitepaper downloads, there is obvious intent. These signals allow you to send some form of appropriate communication, in order to lure them into your sales funnel, already understanding and knowing what they are interested in.

Intent signal monitoring erases predictive analytics. There’s no more guessing about who your client base might be. With intent signals, you know your client base well, thanks to their online activity, and have a better idea of how to personalize your marketing campaign to best engage them.
“Intent monitoring gives us the facts at our finger tips,” we wrote in the post.

True Influence Significantly Exceeds Revenue Growth Records in Q2 2017

In a press release dated August 16th, True Influence announced that the second quarter of 2017 was record-breaking, for the most part due to the effectiveness of the platform InsightBASE, which utilizes a sophisticated monitoring system to track online intent signals, which are significant to clients.

Not only did True Influence see a 32 percent increase in revenue growth, it also grew its staff by 16 percent, and expanded the available options for InsightBASE, which SiriusDecisions calls a “market leader” in intent signals.

“True Influence’s fantastic growth in Q2 2017 is a testament to its impact on the business growth of customers,” said True Influence CEP Brian Giese. “As intent monitoring grows out customers grow; when they grow, we grow. We continue to expand our platform to meet the robust and ever-changing demands of the marketing world.”

Personalizing Key Components of Your Marketing Funnel Builds Stronger Customer Relationships

Because intent monitoring and account-based marketing are all about personalization, this August 17th post looks at ways to personalize your sales funnel to get the most benefits – and convert the majority of leads to customers.

According to the sales teams, approximately 5 percent of the leads that enter a sales funnel actually make it from awareness to conversion, mostly because the funnel acts as a filter of sorts, and knocks some interested parties out. In reality, potential leads can enter the funnel at various points depending on where they are in their buying journey. Your funnel should account for that.

In order to best personalize your sales funnel, you have to begin with useful content which benefits, and connects with readers, while establishing you as an expert – an intrinsic part of your overall success; recognize the importance of social media, which has worked well for B2B businesses by expanding interactions with clients; make sure landing pages are all about how your consumer will benefit from your product or service; make it easy for consumers to seal the deal by including calls to action on every page; make it easy to contact your company through any format so potential prospects can use the method they prefer; keep track of who interacts with emails, even if they don’t convert just yet. Maintain a relationship with existing clients and interact with them by using upselling techniques, sending reminders that may include other products your client might need but has not yet purchased and expressing gratitude by thanking your clients at regular opportunities, tossing in a discount to make upsells or resales much more likely.

“By creating useful, personalized content, and calls to action that encourage email signups and other incremental conversions, you can stop churning through high-funnel leads, and start growing stronger relationships at all points of the customer journey,” we wrote.

True Influence Provides the Intent Data in Analyst Firm’s New Demand Waterfall

True Influence’s InsightBASE has been named a “required” component of part of SiriusDecisions new Demand Waterfall, designed to help B2B businesses better use the intent signals available for them to monitor, while potential prospects are in the Active Demand Stage.

Signals sent at those moments can be most useful to SiriusDecisions’ clients, because it demonstrates who their consumers are, and where they live, as well as what they’re interested in, and why.

“Intent signal monitoring has finally earned a role as a critical part of the marketing engine because it specifically signals buying interest and purchase acceleration. Intent signals are specific, proven pieces of data, collected as a result of website activity, all in real time,” said Brian Giese, True Influence CEO, in a press release announcing the joint project.

know your leads

Shorter vs. Longer Content: Which Is Better for Marketing?

While marketing gurus Neil Patel and Seth Godin are playing the same game, they are doing it very differently. Patel pens long, epic blogs, while Godin tosses off 150-word morsels. Both leave readers wanting more.
So, the question that we ask in this August 21st post is that if both are successful, which one should you use? According to WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg, the average human has an 8-second attention span, long enough to read 280 words, max.

Write more and no one will read it. Right less, and Google will penalize you.

But remember, there are always old-school readers who want more.

Intent monitoring allows you to track the digital body language of buyers on the internet by following how long they stay on a page, and where they travel next. Eventually, you’ll be able to determine how long your key audience is sticking around, giving you an idea of how you should market to them. We also give you some useful tips on how to most successfully write both shorter and longer content.

5 Strategies for Reaching Your ABM Base

Our post from August 25th explores how to most effectively reach your account-based marketing base; and again, it all comes down to the personalization factor.

When you make the decision to add account-based marketing (ABM) to your strategy, you’ll probably spend a fair amount of time and effort building your list, and creating custom content, to feed your marketing automation platform. Once you do this, what’s next? Your list will be short and laser-focused, so you will have ample opportunities to personalize your customer communications on a granular level, and keep those targets engaged, throughout the buyer’s journey.

Reaching your ABM base efficiently and effectively, without annoying them, requires a combination of skill and technology. It all comes down to strategic personalization; of which we’ve put together five strategies for personalizing your touchpoints with targeted accounts, and keeping those relationships “warm” until they’re ready to buy.

Personalize Sales Enablement Content. By personalizing content, trying to reach as many people within the organization as possible, you’re more likely to get noticed, because our brains are hardwired to recognize and respond to words associated with our identities such as our name or the company we work for.

Create Offers Leading Up to a Personal Meeting. While online communication is fine in business, we don’t think the art of catfishing has made it from dating sites to the business community yet – in person is always more productive, so offer a consultation or other form of entry to get that one-on-one.

Mention Target Accounts in Blog Posts. Most companies will be sent an alert if they are mentioned on the web – a good way to stay on top of PR, if nothing else. When it is your mention, either using them as a case study, or for one of their best business practices, you will also be on their radar. Plus, a mention is flattering, because what company doesn’t want to be considered a role model?

Personalize Your Website’s User Experience. When your internet experience is also specifically targeted to your prospect (certain pages are loaded based on the email entry), companies will know you’ve taken the time to get to know them and their needs.

One word of caution, however: “It’s easy to cross the line into creepiness, especially online. Don’t go overboard,” we reminded.

Top 10 Trends in Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

This August 28th post explores the benefits of account-based marketing along with some coming trends that are expected to take ABM in a fresh direction.

Some emerging trends include:

  • Personalization. The opportunities for personalization, which help build a connection between you and your potential leads are endless, and if yours is a smaller business, you have the resources and ability to get creative, because your client base is smaller as well.
  • Tapping Internal Connection Sources Outside of Sales. Don’t focus all your attention on sales. Look for other entry points, including inside connections, such as a former coworker who now works at a target account.
  • Customized Offers. Offers can be targeted to meet a specific prospect’s individual needs.
  • Interactive Offers. The latest trend in ABM takes advantage of one interaction – the downloading of white papers, for example – by following up with surveys about ways you can improve their overall experience.
  • Leveraging Social Insights. By following your targets social media, you can better understand how to market to them, and it gives you a chance to use marketing to recognize new product launches or other big news.
  • Retargeting. If a prospect interacted with you, triggering activity in your sales funnel, but later fell away, retargeting is way to focus on prospects who are already familiar with your product or service, perhaps providing a can’t-pass-this-up kind of special to get them back into the funnel.
  • Exec-to-Exec Engagement. Rather than sending a vendor, encourage meetings between top-level executives, so that those who are ultimately in charge can intimately interact, in an honest, more one-on-one way.
  • Strategic Sales Territory Assignments. ABM allows new clients to be assigned to those on your sales team who have interacted with either someone within the organization or with one of their organization’s peers, allowing them to show exactly how your product or service delivers, using a real-life example.
  • Role-Based Targeting. ABM gives marketers the tools to determine who makes the buying decision within an organization, allowing them to target them individually, potentially closing a deal faster and more efficiently.
  • Experimenting with Direct Mail. Targeting executives with innovative direct mail marketing that reflects your business’s commitment to building relationships can make it easier for you to snap a sit-down later on.

ABM has grown considerably, and tech is making the marketing strategy more effective than ever, depending on a company’s willingness to evolve.

“If we can adjust our mindsets, not only in the marketing department, but across our organizations, and begin to view each account as a market unto itself, we unlock tremendous opportunities, which will pave the way to an even more profitable future,” we wrote.

Grow Your Thought Leadership by Sharing Subject Matter Expertise

Thought leadership is the reward that comes when a service or industry is mentioned, and your company is one that immediately comes to mind.

This August 30th post rounded out the month by not only exploring the importance of thought leadership, but how to use your company’s subject matter experts – the ones who know it best and know exactly why it can benefit your potential clients – as influencers by sending them to conferences and other events. This smart collaboration enables them to wax eloquent about what’s amazing about your product or service, helping to establish you as a leader and expert in your field.

Continue on your quest toward thought leadership, by providing invaluable content that cements your knowledge, establishing confidence that will last long past a sale. When you let on that you know what you know, consumers will listen, and respond.

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