Your Spot in B2B’s Data-driven Future and the True Influence Summit

Learn how data helps B2B brands pivot and adapt to ride out disruption.

Data has already proven its value in B2B over last year’s rush to digital. Now it’s become a staple of the data-driven future. Here’s a look at some current trends in digital B2B selling and what to expect at the True Influence Summit on data, sales and marketing alignment.

AI and Post-acquisition Marketing

AI-powered personalized experiences have neared the tipping point — maybe. Who really knows how far it can take us? AI-powered martech has already proven its efficacy at the early and late stages of the buying cycle. B2B sellers have earned “AI ROI” by optimizing bids for programmatic advertising or providing next-best content recommendations in a sales enablement solution.

But what about post-acquisition? Customer churn creates its own disruption for your business, as it splinters relationships and leaves behind regrets and missed opportunities to recover. AI can be asked to deliver intent data about online behavior of current accounts, so many problems can be headed off.

AI-enabled Sales enablement will boost account-based marketing (ABM) maturity and results targeting existing accounts and new prospects. Account-based marketing strategies have been stifled by content relevance challenges, and B2B marketers must look to new solutions to solve old problems. AI can signal where behavior occurs in the digital universe and what’s the context and topic. This gives aligned ABM teams greater visibility leading to better engagement of current and future customers.

Pivot to Seize Market Opportunity and Ride Out Market Disruption

The good news for businesses that defend their digital brands during disruption is that maintaining share-of-voice (SOV) is likely to be cheaper than in normal times. That’s because some advertisers will pull budgets in troubled times, thus reducing category ad spend.

But what about worst-case scenarios? Their unpredictability is what makes them so dangerous, but planning for business agility is one way to prepare.

Build in Agility in 2021

Even with reduced or compromised budgets, metrics and analytics inform you. You know that what you are left with is working hard for you. The implication of falling SOV costs is that recessions can be a low-cost growth opportunity for brands.

In your data-driven future, data drives constructive agility. When you must react, react from a position of knowledge. 

Adopt Data, but Don’t Lose Your Humanity

As you evolve your revenue engine, don’t adopt more data-driven engagement at the expense of the humanity and warmth of your brand. There’s a way to balance both.

Observers are seeing a “refreshing awareness, flexibility, and willingness to adapt to situations” that has them thinking we’re headed toward a “sales methodology renaissance of sorts.” Observers such as Forrester’s Lori Wizdo note that for B2B marketers, loss of new leads early in the pandemic gave way to heightened awareness of engagement and accelerating existing leads. That pivot required a greater focus on buyer journey and customer lifecycle. “That pivot, that mindset difference … will be a lasting philosophical change that drives tactical and technological changes,” Wizdo said.

Case Study: A Vision of Self-Service Lead Generation

The Summit will go in-depth into one very interesting example of modernizing B2B marketing with data. Honeywell PPE is piloting a new benefit for their Honeywell Partner Program. The goal is to reach more customers and drive revenue for partners and Honeywell. The vision is self-service lead generation through a partner portal. This eliminates using manual efforts to produce minimal leads through generic MDF/Co-op funded programs.

Instead, the vision has partners interacting seamlessly with Honeywell to update lead status. Close collaboration like this drives measurable improvement in the lead-to-revenue process.

Case Study: Content Syndication and Intent Data

Some True Influence customers uncover global opportunities using content syndication and send them through their Sales Development team. For those who aren’t ready to talk to a direct sales representative, a nurture plan ensures the prospect isn’t lost.

In one case, approximately 1.3 million content syndication leads have been created in FY 2020 and are being used in FY 2021 to uncover opportunities. We’ll talk with real users and case studies like this at the Summit who have already embarked on their data-driven future. They will break down the process and tips for using content syndication optimally.

Half-Day Virtual B2B Learning, Full-on Advice for Sales, Marketing, Data

Join us and your data-driven peers at the True Influence Summit just a few days away. See more about the agenda and speakers.

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