B2B Leaders Go All In for Sales, Marketing and Data Alignment

True Influence Summit Sponsors Share Goal of Industry Learning

Are you overloaded with large volumes of data? Struggling to bring marketing, sales, and data into alignment and accelerate revenue? Don’t know which marketing strategy will be best for your business?

Not to worry. The wait is over now!

True Influence is hosting the 2021 True Influence Summit to help you get the answers and build revenue strategies that perform. We’ve also brought together some of the industry’s leading experts to discuss the true learnings and insights to build a path for a successful and certain B2B future.

Our sponsors have contributed their share to make this happen. We’re happy to showcase them as our partners in bringing the True Influence Summit to B2B sellers. So, here are they –

True Influence Summit Gold Sponsor – Heinz Marketing

The Heinz Marketing team is composed of strategic planners, data-driven marketers and creative problem-solvers. Their approach to Predictable Pipeline enables clients to build immersive customer experiences, accelerate revenue, and create a predictable, profitable pipeline to grow and scale their business. Like True Influence, Heinz Marketing also focuses on bringing relevance to every opportunity every day in the world of B2B sales and marketing. Heinz Marketing are innovators at heart and not afraid to challenge convention to deliver the results customers need. They are passionate about what they do and strive to promote outcomes rather than just focus on activities. Being a marketing agency, Heinz Marketing focuses on sales acceleration and helps clients achieve sustained sales success by growing revenue from existing customers and cost-effectively identifying and winning new customers. At the end of the day though, it’s all about measuring and exceeding objectives, and Heinz typically crushes it.

True Influence Summit Silver Sponsor – C-Suite Network

C-Suite Network is the world’s most trusted network of C-level leaders. The organization focuses on growth, development and networking opportunities for business executives with titles of Vice President and above, from companies with annual revenues of $5 million or greater. The ground-breaking services include C-Suite Network Conferences, C-Suite TV, C-Suite Book Club, C-Suite Radio and C-Suite Network advisor. Through a peer community, networking events and relevant content, senior executives are encouraged and guided on their road to professional success. But the C-Suite Network is more than a collection of programs. It’s also a vital, living community of leaders who help each other to reach both personal and business success.

True Influence Summit Silver Sponsor – Database USA

Like True Influence, DatabaseUSA also believes in the philosophy of “Better Data, Better Relationships.” With their full-service database and email marketing solutions, they help B2B marketers to get detailed information on over 15 million businesses and over 260 million consumers. DatabaseUSA.com has taken the database industry one step further by offering a sophisticated database with new features and selections to deliver greater depth at a lower cost. Helping businesses accelerate growth through sales leads and comprehensive marketing solutions has always been their focus area. As B2B marketers push forward into a data-driven future, DatabaseUSA will be one of the partners they turn to.

True Influence Summit Silver Sponsor – Datarade

The founders of Datarade understood how difficult it is to buy high-quality datasets and to grow a scalable data business. Datarade was created with a clear goal in mind: build a platform that creates more transparency, trust and efficiency in the growing global data ecosystem. Now Datarade still revolves around data. They help organizations buy and monetize data in the most transparent, trusted, and efficient way worldwide to create a delightful data shopping experience. Their powerful Data Commerce Platform helps thousands of data-driven companies find, compare and choose the right commercial data products with confidence.

True Influence Summit Silver Sponsor – Harte Hanks

Global marketing firm, Harte Hanks, specializes in helping brands win attention, build trust, and earn loyalty. Being an expert in defining, executing and optimizing the customer journey, they create meaningful interactions that connect brands with customers in powerful ways. From visionary thinking to tactical execution, they’ve changed the game of customer engagement and brought the “human” back to marketing. Harte Hanks also helps clients with strategic guidance across the customer data landscape, for executional know-how in database build and management, data analytics, data-driven creativity, digital media, direct mail, customer contact, client fulfillment, and marketing and product logistics.

Join Our Sponsors and Guests at the True Influence Summit

Though collaboration is a bit complicated process, success majorly depends on it. When we collaborate with our partners, we share the same vision and bring diverse personalities, backgrounds, and skill-sets to one platform. We enrich as a team and expand our abilities to serve the customer base. And its perfect example is True Influence and its partners.

So, come and join us at Summit to thank our partners who helped us to make this successful. See the Summit agenda and find out.

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