The B2B Marketing Round-Up: August 2016

August was its usually steamy self this season, and while the unappealing green water at the Summer Olympics in Rio was one of the trending topics – along with the almost ubiquitous Pokémon Go – marketing was still on a lot of minds, including ours at True Influence®.

Enjoy this snapshot of hot articles and books in the world of account based marketing, demand generation, and general B2B marketing insight.

Hot Marketing Tactics and Tools at Fortune 500 Companies

Hot Marketing Tactics

This post showcased how the InsightBASE® platform tracks what the people in companies are doing in near real time, based on the example of using marketing topics that are of the most interest to Fortune 500’s, both in the long-term and trending.

Announcing new reporting capabilities for InsightBASE

On Aug. 22, we revealed the latest reporting capabilities of InsightBASE, which now has a “set it and forget it” feature allowing you email reports that track when the people in the companies you are targeting are searching more often for your product or service, allowing you to contact them immediately, and before they’ve identified themselves to you.

True Influence CEO Discusses Fact-Based vs Predictive Analytics

[clickToTweet tweet=”We’re not Nostradamus. We’re the six o’clock news’ -Brian Giese @Trueinfluence ” quote=”We’re not Nostradamus. We’re the six o’clock news’ -CEO Brian Giese @Trueinfluence “]

Our CEO Brian Giese kicked off the month with an interview with Analytics Week, where he discussed the benefits of using fact based data over predictive analysis to determine who might be a viable lead. “We enable information you can give to the executive suite about what’s actually happening. Not that we’re going to predict what’s going to happen, but what’s actually happening right now. CEOs want to know that,” Giese told the magazine in his interview. See more of his interview touting the deal-clinching benefits of InsightBASE here.

Why Lead Generation Matters to B2B Marketers


Since we’re all about using tech to generate leads, this article happily reveals that many marketers are getting on board with using tools to help turn leads to clients. More than one-third of marketers interviewed in July said that martech tools helped generate more viable leads, suggesting that creative and tech are having a meeting of the minds. This article appeared Aug. 29 in eMarketer.

Television remains a key advertising strategy for B2C, while B2B leans more toward digital channels

Marketing channels

If you think B2B marketers are more cutting-edge than their business-to-consumer cousins, you’re right. According to a survey this month from the B2B research firm Clutch and marketing agency R2integrated, B2B marketers are more likely to use digital channels to market themselves, while B2C businesses still rely heavily on TV.

The Biggest Content Marketing Trends in 2017

According to content marketing guru Joe Pulizzi, in an article that appeared Aug. 3 on his Content Marketing Institute website, more targeted content marketing, influencer marketing, purpose-driven marketing and social media are among the coming trends for 2017. The idea that brands key into the societal impact of the service or product they offer is one that especially resonates.

Learn From These 4 Mistakes in Account-Based Marketing

According to experts in the industry, account-based marketing is the king of the hill among marketing techniques. “ABM delivers the highest Return on Investment of any B2B marketing strategy or tactic. Period,” says the account-based pioneer, ITSMA. We certainly believe that’s true. Account-based marketing is personal, it catches consumers at the very right time and it eliminates wasted investments on clients that aren’t really part of your target audience. But your marketing team can still make mistakes. This helpful article addresses the top mistakes you might be making, and helps ensure that you approach your account-based marketing campaign strategically.

The Importance of Sales Operations in Account-Based Sales and Marketing

While this story came out just a few days before the dog days of August were upon us, it cements the above idea that departments – especially so marketing and sales departments – need to work together to ensure company-wide success. This Hubspot post addresses how the alignment of sales and marketing teams can better determine which data will successfully translate into a hot lead – and which data shows the leads that aren’t yet ready to buy.

Using Interactive Content to Build a Scalable Account Based Marketing Program

91% are looking for more visual or interactive content

If content marketing is part of your account-based marketing campaign – and it should be – ensuring that the content you put out there is interactive in nature is an excellent way to improve your campaign’s success, according to this story, appearing on the website According to the statistics, 91 percent of consumers are looking for more visual or interactive content. When they get what they want – and interact with your company – they feel more of a connection, and are twice as likely to convert.

How Content Marketing Can Amplify Your B2B Lead Generation Strategy

Content marketing is your ace in the hole when it comes to generating leads, especially so in this internet-focused era when virtually everyone turns to Google to research the product they’re looking for at the outset to determine pricing, reputation and other information needed to cement a sale. The majority of B2B companies (88 percent) use content to establish an online presence, but tracking interaction with that content can help determine if yours is effective or wasted space. It can also help you write more effective content based on that digital feedback.

The marketing department has a marketing problem

According to an article by Joe Andrulis appearing Aug. 22 on the website, while most marketers believe that cohesion is important in all areas of a brand’s messaging, the marketing team is often in solitary confinement, especially so in larger companies, where it is unable to communicate effectively with other departments, such as research and development. Being more in touch with all areas of the business, especially what’s in the works for the future, would allow marketers to better sell the company’s product or service.

The Importance of Offline Lead Generation

While the headlines would suggest that online lead generation is the only marketing tool worth mentioning anymore, that face-to-face contact of old-school marketing is still a viable way to generate leads, according to this Aug. 18 post appearing on the site. While offline lead generation – such as industry conferences and other events, where the leads come to you – cost more, the conversion rate is much higher. There’s something to be said, then, for communing over watered-down cocktails and won ton appetizers to establish what could be a lasting relationship.

We also draw your attention to some of our favorite books right now:

The Marketing Data Lake (eBook)Marketing Data ebook

The difference between a data lake and a data warehouse is this: With a data warehouse, you need to prepare the structure of the warehouse before you load your data in. With a data lake, you just dump it all in there and structure it however you want as you go along. This is a fascinating real story of what the Informatica team has done. We think that this is a great way of showing you how B2B marketing is going to be from here on. Print and ebook versions available.

Hacking Marketing: Agile Practices to Make Marketing Smarter, Faster, and More Innovative

Hacking Marketing

The new business trend right now is applying management concepts used by software development companies to their own organizational processes. It’s only natural that the very way we market will now be subjected to the same idea: applying software-inspired processes to classical marketing management. It’s an exciting and terrifying prospect, and we recommend this book to demystify the whole transition for those brave souls.

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