B2B Research Reveal at True Influence Summit

New Report on Marketing, Sales and Data

You’ve got to give 2021 your best shot, and with the right tools and knowledge (like this new B2B research), there’s no reason you can’t succeed. That’s why we’re sharing an exclusive first look at fresh Forrester research on how Sales and Marketing win with data.

At the end of 2020, True Influence commissioned Forrester Research to evaluate the state of B2B sellers’ go-to-market strategies. The Summit audiences are among the first to be introduced to this critical and insightful information.

First Look: How Sales and Marketing overcome disruption and win with data

The global pandemic fundamentally upended marketing and selling for business-to-business (B2B) brands as well as their business-to-consumer (B2C) counterparts. The pandemic has accelerated the digital destinies of both business buyers and sellers, transforming the future of selling in the process.

The goal still remains to deliver go-to-market strategies that prioritize customer needs and contexts first. Brands understand the need to engage buyers in the channels and at the times of their choosing, while demonstrating understanding of buyer context. And yet those brands admit to being underprepared.

Experts at the Summit — like Forrester’s Laura Ramos — bring you the knowledge, the tools and the strategies to overcome disruption and tap into data for a successful 2021.

Laura Ramos
VP, Principal Analyst
Forrester Research

Research Reveals How Sales and Marketing Win with Data in 2021

Join the virtual, half-day True Influence Summit for conversations around the most important topics facing B2B sellers – like buyer engagement. “Only 12% of B2B marketers and 14% of sales leaders feel they’re delivering buyer engagement that meets the needs of today’s buyer,” according to the new Forrester research. Few B2B marketers and sales leaders feel they’re doing engagement right. That’s pretty startling. So how do you meet serious buyers on their terms? Watch the Summit session with Forrester’s Laura Ramos to learn what the research reveals.

Prospective Buyer Engagement: A Journey-Focused Vision

The vision of Prospective Buyer Engagement takes B2B buyers from prospect to client to advocate. The coordinated, comprehensive engagement model feeds customers value throughout their journey. When B2B sellers follow this approach, they ensure buyers receive relevant information when needed, regardless of journey stage.

To unlock these outcomes, your marketing and sales must align behind a shared plan of getting customers to engage more often and more readily through quality, value-driven experiences. This vision of prospective buyer engagement ensures buyers will be supported optimally throughout their journeys. Forrester’s research found that while sellers realize the future of selling has arrived, many struggle to meet the moment with comprehensive, optimized prospective buyer engagement strategies. Those issues get explored in the new report and at the Summit. Watch as Forrester analyst Laura Ramos talks about what marketers and sellers can learn from the new research sponsored by True Influence.

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