Build Brand by Aligning B2B Content with Buyer Interests

Aligning content with buyer interests can be confusing and involves no small bit of guesswork. That’s especially so when your company lacks a solid avenue for analyzing the insights within buyer behavior.

Fortunately, B2B marketers can now more easily tap into what customers care about. With such data, brands offer relevant, engaging content and build relationships with their target audiences through channels like content syndication.

Importance of Relevant B2B Content

Soon we’ll celebrate one billion blogs on the internet, if we haven’t passed that milestone already, and who knows if that’s even the peak of it.

However, time has shown that most blogs don’t succeed because of these marketing blunders.

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This data supports the most basic rule of B2B marketing – know your audience and create content that answers their questions.

Publishing or syndicating relevant content won’t just communicate your brand message or educate readers. It may also help persuade someone to buy from you later at some point along the journey. It’s one of the best strategies to attract prospects and plant the seeds of long term interest and trust in their mind.

Now, let’s tackle the big question.

How to Identify B2B Buyer Interests?

Like many B2B sellers, you want to predict buying behaviors, pain points and paths to purchase, so you can engage. But what if you could integrate intent data into your content syndication mix? You would know more about the behavior of in-market targets.

For instance:

  • Who talks about your brand?
  • Who shows purchase intent?
  • Who follows along or interacts with your content?

The combination of content marketing and intent data offer a bird’s eye view of buyer behavior that can be used to drive relevant engagement through content syndication and other channels.

Intent Intelligence: Give Buyers What They’re Looking For

Intent data offers some incredible insights about how to answer questions for your audiences. For example, the number of times prospects watch a video, download an eBook, share an infographic, or read a blog tell you something. It uncovers who’s visiting different sites and what content they’re consuming.

With these details, B2B marketers pinpoint topics people care about and formulate strategies for campaigns, messaging, product improvement, search and blog content.

This knowledge could also help with:

  • Building audience personas
  • Formulating personal connections
  • Shaping messages around relevant topics
  • Targeting and placing digital ads

Intent data tells you what people are passionate about online, not simply what they follow on social media.

Buyers Will Come to the Right Content

As the B2B landscape grows increasingly customer-focused, knowing what your audience truly cares about gives you a significant competitive advantage. It also  increases the chances of one-time customers becoming recurring buyers. So learn their interests, write on relevant topics, and gain qualified leads for your business with a higher acquisition rate. Use content syndication, the partner of content marketing.

If you’re ready to learn more  and get some practical advice on adding intent data to your strategy, check out our other articles on content syndication, like these: Your First Steps in Adding Intent to Content Syndication or How Does Content Syndication Impact SEO?

Also, leverage this intent intelligence to discover the right content syndication partner who gets your brand in front of potential buyers and delivers quality leads.

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