Data Is the New Black – In B2B Demand Gen

Data makes B2B demand generation what it is today. Marketing has become a completely different beast from even a few years ago because of the bits of digital information buyers leave everywhere, and because of the technology that’s now available to help marketers capture and use that data effectively. Intent signals have proven to be among the most high-return data available, and now brands have new options for making use of it.

An advanced intent marketing intelligence solution like award-winning InsightBase identifies more meaningful intent signals that represent in-market opportunities for B2B marketers. It answers more questions for you in advance, so you go into each engagement better prepared. As a result, the sales cycle may accelerate.

Who’s in Market? The Advantages of Knowing

“It’s critical that B2B organizations can identify not just their target set of accounts, but whether those accounts are currently in-market for the organization’s solutions,” said John Donlon, Senior Research Director of Technology Strategy at SiriusDecisions. (Read more from SiriusDecisions on intent here.)

Traditional intent data sources usually just give visibility at the account level only, but you need more, especially when it comes to B2B buying groups. Organizations that gain additional intent insight at the buying group and contact levels have a competitive advantage, because they can focus early on specific audiences who are ready to buy soon.

Intent data signals

How to Find Higher Value from Intent Data Quality

To unlock the full potential of intent, you need more than an unmanageable firehose of signals from page views and form interactions. You need quality analysis and context to identify meaningful intent signals that represent real revenue potential. The InsightBase solution correlates diverse sources of intent signals to spot true opportunities to engage and connect with in-market targets.

Advanced analytics cut through the digital noise to discover purchase intent expressed by online activities. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) identify contacts’ in-market and topical interests and align intent activity to 6,500+ B2B topics. InsightBase Identity Graph Technology accurately maps intent to companies and identifiable individuals. This valuable data can be delivered in formats tailored specifically to your demand generation campaigns and customer experience (CX) environment. The intent data can feed CRM and MAP systems, too.

What to look for in an advanced intent solution for B2B contact data:

  • Triangulation based on dozens of variables – Pinpoint accounts, locations, and specific individuals expressing intent. This critical intent intelligence is either missing or ignored in many other data streams, but InsightBase covers a wide spectrum of input.
  • Buying group identification by customer persona – Automatically identifies individuals who match criteria across any account list or audience segment in a comprehensive B2B contact database.
  • Rigorous quarterly maintenance – Includes standardization, verification, deliverability, NCOA, and deceased processing.
  • Full compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations. (All intent and contact information delivered by InsightBase meets this standard.)

How to Try Out Intent Data for B2B Marketing and Sales – Complimentary Offer

Marketers are encouraged to actually try award-winning InsightBase marketing intelligence and data feed with a complimentary offer. This combination brings data and delivery together in a single dashboard, and you can directly experience the difference this data quality makes in B2B demand generation ROI. The offer allows access to the full functionality of InsightBase marketing intelligence, so you can see how verified intent data generates powerful customer insights.

With the InsightBase offer, you can:

  • Identify topics (and change them!)
  • Set up and save audiences
  • Preview intent for audience companies
  • Set up campaigns
  • Review reports

Intent data signals

The Difference Is Data: How Does Intent Data Quality Differ?

True Influence intent data is more comprehensive than what’s typically available from data co-ops or single-source providers. Many solutions only cover their own publications or co-op partners, limiting the amount and quality of intent data that users receive. Our data covers the entire web to research intent across millions of accounts and locations. True Influence Identity Graph technology spots intent signals that get missed in most other data streams. The intent behavior is monitored by both executive and managerial customer personas, giving a more complete picture of organizational buying dynamics like buying groups. This establishes a rich base for advanced intent analysis.

How to Use Intent Data in B2B Marketing

B2B demand generation marketers can leverage intent data, technology and content to drive high-impact marketing campaigns and share detailed results and insights to win new business. InsightBase adds the power of intent to many solutions that bring B2B buyers and sellers together. How many of these do you already use? Each one benefits from intent-based intelligence:

  • Customer data platforms
  • Marketing and sales automation
  • CRM and customer success
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Programmatic advertising

Intent is tailored to your specific needs and can power every aspect of B2B revenue generation around it. (Try the complimentary offer to see how this works.) Intent data gets delivered based on your audience criteria and selected topics, so it includes only information that’s essential to your solution or service.

How to Use Intent to Engage B2B Buying Groups

Selling to B2B buyers is complex and often involves connecting with the broader buying groups who actually make most strategic purchasing decisions. Ordinary nurture streams can’t handle intricate campaigns like these. That’s when B2B demand gen marketers turn to advanced intent-based intelligence.

Intent trends at company, location and contact levels help you build out the ideal nurture stream for a specific product or service. InsightBase puts rich, raw material – the data – to work as advanced nurture streams built to target in-market buying groups. Buying groups can be based on:

  • Account lists
  • Target audiences
  • Active demand segments

Not only can InsightBase locate buying group members within a company or department, it also identifies gaps in those groups and fills in missing personas for you. This helps you locate as many individuals as possible in a buying group, so you can determine and reach groups most likely to be in a buying phase. Use intent intelligence to compare buying group models for a deeper understanding of new opportunities and influencers within existing accounts for renewals, upselling, and cross-selling.

InsightBase can:

  • Organize tailored customer personas into buying groups.
  • Identify missing members of a buying group.
  • Alert you when new contact-verified influencers surface within the account.

Intent data signals

How to Focus Marketing and Sales Resources Using Intent Data

Identity Graph technology maps intent to companies and identifiable individuals. Relevance Engine analytics ensure you receive only data relevant to selected accounts, personas, and topics based on activity, topical relevance, and historical trends. AI and machine learning find patterns that make intent a strategic differentiator for a specific solution. That information can be used to drive your other B2B demand generation strategies. Learn more about the complimentary offer if you’re ready to tap into B2B intent power.

Where to add B2B intent data in revenue generation:

  • Demand Generation – Improved audience segmentation based on journey insights drive higher ROI for your investment of time and money.
  • Sales Automation – Add intent Spike Alert™ in workflows and account dashboards to prompt immediate outreach when intent to purchase is high.
  • CRM and Customer Success Programs – Intent intelligence can alert your customers that an account is ready to stock up, upgrade, or maybe looking for another provider.

How to Take the Work Out of Tracking Intent Signals

Intent data has already been adopted by serious demand generation marketers, so if you’re not using it, you’re behind. And with a complimentary trial featuring InsightBase, you can catch up fast. Just register here, and let us know if you have any questions.

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