Data Leaders Join True Influence Summit as Valued Sponsors

With the True Influence Summer Summit almost here, we’re proud to acknowledge the support of these data-focused sponsors.

True Influence Summit Sponsor: Datarade Data Marketplace

Datarade is the world’s largest and easiest-to-use data marketplace. Datarade was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. With a consistent focus on delivering the ultimate data shopping experience, Datarade has helped thousands of data buyers find the right data. More than 2,000 data providers across 500+ data categories are already listed on Datarade. Organizations from many industries connect with data providers and access the best datasets and APIs.

Datarade is recognized for democratizing access to commercial datasets and making it simpler for companies to purchase and monetize data. The company’s founders understood how difficult it can be to purchase high-quality datasets and to grow a scalable data business. Datarade was created based on a clear goal: to build a platform that creates more transparency, trust and efficiency in the growing global data ecosystem.

Datarade permits companies to purchase and monetize data in an extremely efficient, trusted and transparent manner. With Datarade offerings, brands avoid months of research, and instead quickly discover, compare and select the right data for campaigns.

Like Datarade, we’re committed to providing B2B brands with everything needed for programmatic success, and accurate data is a priority. Our premium data, Datarade storefront convenience, and TI marketing cloud activation are the total package for B2B programmatic advertising.  To have Datarade support the Summit as a sponsor acknowledges the importance of continued investment in data thought leadership.

True Influence Summit Sponsor: LiveRamp Data Connectivity Platform and Marketplace

The LiveRamp Data Connectivity Platform and Marketplace securely connects B2B brands with premium intent data. Marketers discover and access audiences and manage large data files in a safe environment for precise targeting and buyer journey intelligence.  

LiveRamp prides itself on privacy-conscious solutions that honor the best practices of leading professional associations. Companies and their partners can control, connect and activate data to deliver positive customer experiences, leading to valuable business outcomes. This trusted platform and marketplace securely connect B2B brands with True Influence quality intent data.

LiveRamp sits at the center of the data management highway connecting PII to non-PII. The company’s capabilities are grounded in data access, reliable connectivity, careful stewardship, and secure identity. Their solutions permit data to be simply and safely activated for measurement, analytics, and activation.

True Influence has worked with LiveRamp since 2019. According to Praveen Balla, True Influence VP of DisplayBase and Production, “We started with one platform–LiveRamp Connect, followed by LiveRamp Measurement and then LiveRamp Data Marketplace. To this day, we use all three platforms.”

Praveen notes that LiveRamp has been a successful relationship in many ways, but especially because they’ve always been a middle-layer player while remaining technologically agnostic. “LiveRamp’s technical engineering team has been very understanding about projects and campaigns we work on and run, while always being positive, hands-on and quick communicators. Having them as a Summit sponsor is a natural fit for our collaboration, and we’re glad they’re participating in this special event.”

Register for the True Influence Summer Summit

It’s not too late to register for the July 14 Summit “Truth Matters: How Data Drives Revenue.” Catch tomorrow’s blog to learn more about our other valued Summit sponsors: Jabra, ChatFunnels and Domo.

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