Data on Data: A Unique Perspective on Accelerating B2B Revenue

Where do data practitioners fall in the mix when it comes to data-driven revenue? What’s their perspective in the conversation about accelerating revenue? That’s what you’ll hear at the Summit when this outstanding lineup comes together.

Data Perspective on Driving Revenue

The data perspective couldn’t be more important for B2B revenue leaders now. This knowledgeable panel will have you rethinking what your brand could be doing with buyer data.

Rene Asis
Rene Asis
Chief Technology Evangelist at LiveRamp

Rene Asis serves as the Chief Technology Evangelist at LiveRamp–a leading data connectivity platform. Rene has accumulated over 22 years of experience in online design, development, consulting, and account management in addition to his 17 years in digital marketing. His current focus though is on evaluating, implementing, and educating current and emerging B2B and ABM media technologies while also directly engaging with C-level executives. Interestingly, Rene has a creative background that spans across areas like computer animation, graphic design, traditional arts, and fine art photography.

Summit speaking session: Data leadership perspective

Theresa Kushner
Theresa Kushner
AI/Analytics Consultant at NTT DATA

Theresa brings over 20 years of work experience and knowledge in managing data strategies. Thus far, Theresa has proven her skills in planning, delivery, and governance of reporting, analytics, and customer data. Theresa’s experience also extends to market intelligence and data analytics for strategy building, especially in the high-tech industry where she has held various executive leadership positions. Having held different positions in Fortune 100 companies for most of her career, Theresa is now dedicated to helping start-ups and small/medium-sized businesses scale by using their customer information practices.

Summit speaking session: Data leadership perspective

Ray Estevez
Chief Information Officer at True Influence

Ray’s no stranger when it comes to complex business transformation and large-scale data and technology implementations. Throughout his career, He’s spearheaded significant data and technology transformations and implemented complex data products and services. For a couple of years, Ray has been a valuable member of the True Influence senior team, but before coming on board, Ray was the co-founder and chief information officer for V12 Group. Thus far, Ray has been recognized for his strong ability to put technical jargon into layman’s terms, so that everyone can understand a complex topic or subject.

Summit speaking session:  Data leadership perspective

Corinna Grassam
Corinna Grassam
Director of Field Marketing at Talkdesk

Corinna Grassam is the director of field marketing at Talkdesk in which she’s laser-focused on measurable revenue results to extract insights that improve conversions and overall campaign effectiveness. Corinna’s passion lies in B2B demand generation with an emphasis on customer-centric, persona-driven digital campaigns powered by marketing automation. Her sales experience runs deep, which has often focused on programs that accelerate pipeline including revenue generation roles with OpenText before taking on her current position at Talkdesk.

Not only does Corinna lead a global campaign team for a $3 billion enterprise software company with a pipeline target of $1 billion, but she has also developed global organizations and shared services teams throughout her career.

Summit speaking session: Corinna will share her insights in the form of a customer success story following the summit’s data leadership perspective session.

Grab Your Spot at the Summer Summit

By the end of the summit, you and your team will better understand key strategies and proven best practices regarding how data transforms B2B marketing, ways to strategically use data to drive sales objectives, and how to ramp up digital transformation as a revenue strategy. After hearing several success stories from True Influence’s customers and pivotal industry leaders, one option worth considering is using data for activating, engaging, and optimizing across the funnel.

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