Demand Marketing Analyst Featured at Live Virtual AI Event

Kerry Cunningham lives B2B demand marketing practically every day. A Forrester vice president and principal analyst, he advises B2B clients on ways to optimize marketing operations and demand management. On his mission to advance the state of demand marketing, Kerry Cunningham works closely with B2B practitioners. He guides them to best practices he has studied, researched and documented, something he’ll talk about when he joins us on April 14 for a live virtual event: “Accelerating Revenue with AI.” 

Kerry Cunningham
Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst

Forrester is recognized as one of the world’s most influential research and advisory firms. Their unique insights are grounded in annual surveys of over 675,000 customers, business leaders and technology leaders worldwide. Kerry’s practice at Forrester specifically involves identifying gaps and opportunities for optimization within demand marketing processes. At the same time, a significant amount of his practice relates to building relationships with marketing solution providers. He’s an advocate for solutions to meet changing needs of demand marketing practitioners.

Analyst View: Optimizing Operations and Demand Marketing

Kerry’s study of demand marketing and creation started long before his role at Forrester. Prior to joining that team, one of his previous roles was senior research director and team leader of demand creation for SiriusDecisions (acquired by Forrester in 2018). 

Kerry has been involved in research outside of demand marketing, too. Past projects include marketing/consumer behavior research, qualitative and quantitative analyses of grant proposals and project reports, and even managing and contributing to weekly blogs that interpret consumer behavior research findings.

Kerry has co-authored many pieces of content that will be familiar to B2B marketers: the SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall, The Intent Data Framework, The Eight Factor Model for B2B Teleservices, The Revenue Operations Charter, and other supporting research. 

A Champion for Excellence in B2B 

A passionate and innovative champion for excellence in the B2B community, this trilingual analyst inspires and informs marketers to achieve their best results, personally and professionally each day. His love for communicating complex ideas to both general and expert audiences led to him being a three-time SiriusDecisions Summit mainstage presenter. 

His event appearances continue with the upcoming True Influence Live Virtual Event: Accelerating Revenue with Artificial Intelligence. Catch his fascinating conversation with True Influence Co-founder and CTO, RK Maniyani. Find out what happens at the intersection of AI and demand marketing. Explore how AI connects martech, marketing operations and data to create greater efficiencies and increase revenue.

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