Big List of Digital Marketing Acronyms

How can you keep up with all the acronyms in digital marketing? You just can’t, but you can try. Use this list to pick up some fresh knowledge. We collect more digital marketing acronyms every week, and we suspect there’s no end to it. So rather than fool ourselves into thinking we’ve captured all digital marketing acronyms, let’s just go with what we have so far. Please contribute your own suggestions in the comments!

How many of these digital marketing acronyms do you know?


ABM = Account-Based Marketing

ABV = Average Basket Value – ecommerce metric

AI = Artificial Intelligence

API = Application Programming Interface

AQL = Automation Qualified Lead

ATOM = Acquisition Through Online Marketing


BERT = Google’s Bidirectional Encoder Representation for Transformers

BR = Bounce Rate – Percentage clicking on CTA or navigating to other pages on web site from landing page.

C (Why are there so many C’s?!)

CAC = Customer Acquisition Cost

CAN-SPAM = Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing

CASL = Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation

CCPA = California Consumer Privacy Act

CCR = Customer Churn Rate

CDN = Content Delivery Network/Content Distribution Network – Hosts and delivers copies of static site content from global server network to reduce page loading speed.

CDP = Customer Data Platform

CLM = Closed Loop Marketing

CLS = Cumulative Layout Shift – One of several factors related to web page UX. Refers to visual stability.

CLV = Customer Lifetime Value

CMP = Content Marketing Platform/Consent Management Platform

CMS = Content Management System

COS = Content Optimization System

CPA = Cost-Per-Acquisition/Cost-Per-Action

CPC = Cost-Per-Click

CPL = Cost-Per-Lead

CPM = Cost-Per-Mille/Cost-Per-Thousand

CRM = Customer Relationship Management

CRO = Conversion Rate Optimization

CSS = Cascading Style Sheet

CTA = Call To Action

CTR = Click-Through Rate

CTV = Connected Television – Helps brands measure effectiveness of TV campaigns

CX = Customer Experience


DAAS = Data-as-a-Service

DCO = Dynamic Creative Optimization – Creative content is automatically generated, with assets, languages and dynamic product display, without an agency or having to invest in individual creative renderings.

DDM = Data-Driven Marketing

DKI = Dynamic Keyword Insertion

DOOH = Digital Out of Home – A type of digital advertising owned by a media company.

DSP = Demand-Side Platform – Part of programmatic advertising. Buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one DSP interface.


E-A-T = Expertise, Authority and Trust – How Google measures web page quality for search results.

ESP = Email Service Provider


FID = First Input Delay – Web page UX metric. Time user first interacts with site to point where browser responds. 


GA = Google Analytics

GDPR = General Data Protection Regulation

GSC = Google Search Console 


IBL = Inbound Link

ICP = Ideal Customer Profile


KPI = Key Performance Indicator

KD = Keyword Difficulty Score 


LCP = Largest Content Paint – Google ranking factor related to web page UX.

LTV = Lifetime Value – Refers to customer and account relationships.


MAM = Media and Marketing

MAP = Marketing Automation Platform – Automates sequence of communications,  tracks how prospects consume the content.

MC = Marketing Cloud

MCTR = Marketing Contribution to Revenue

MQL = Marketing Qualified Lead

MRM = Marketing Resource Management 

MRR = Monthly Recurring Revenue

MSP = Marketing Service Provider


NLP = Natural language processing

NPS = Net Promoter Score 


OBL = Outbound Link

OCPM = Optimized Cost Per Mille (thousand)

OTT = Over-The-Top – Video transmission by digital TV


PPC = Pay-Per-Click

PPL = Pay-Per-Lead

PV = Page Views


ROAS = Return On Ad Spend

ROI = Return On Investment

ROO = Return On Objective

RSA = Responsive Search Ad

RSS = Really Simple Syndication

RT = Retweet

RTB = Real Time Bidding – Part of programmatic advertising 


SAL = Sales Accepted Lead

SEM = Search Engine Marketing

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

SERP = Search Engine Results Page

SGL = Sales Generated Lead

SLA = Service Level Agreement

SMM = Social Media Marketing

SQL = Sales Qualified Lead

SSOT = Single Source Of Truth

SSP = Supply-Side Platform/Sell-Side Platform

SWOT = Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats


TAL = Teleprospecting Accepted Lead

TGL = Teleprospecting Generated Leads

TI = True Influence

TOS = Terms of Service

TOV = Total Order Value

TQL = Teleprospecting Qualified Leads


UGC = User-Generated Content

UI = User Interface

URL = Uniform Resource Locator

USP = Unique Selling Proposition

UVP = Unique Value Proposition

UX = User Experience


VAR = Value Added Reseller – A sales and marketing channel

VOC = Voice of Customer


WOM = Word-of-Mouth Marketing

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