Dive into These 5 B2B Content Marketing Practices

2020 was a tumultuous year for B2B, and an especially busy one for content marketing. As B2B buyers heavily research purchases online, there’s a greater need to engage and connect digitally. Content marketing is a great way of doing this, bringing relevance and versatility to engagements. Many brands brought content to the forefront of digital campaigns and made it a mainstay in their toolkits.

Content Marketing Ideas for the Rest of 2021

Make sure you’re on top of your content marketing game with these five practices.

1.   Content Syndication

Ideally, content syndication puts your good content on relevant, reliable third-party sites to get fresh eyeballs who voluntarily exchange their data for content. It improves the organic visibility of your content and brand in a short interval. 

When well-executed, content syndication can accomplish these goals:

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Enhanced link equity and authority
  • Greater brand recognition and mentions
  • Increased exposure on social media
  • Targeted prospecting opportunities

2.   Intent-Focused Content

Align your content with the buyer’s interest, as that’s the primary factor determining content marketing effectiveness. Interest earns attention. Analyzing intent data provides you with valid understanding of a buyer’s topic interest. Intent data indicates which leads or accounts are actively researching a topic. Marketing teams can act on this insight to create content tailored to specific accounts.

Intent-focused content has these benefits:

  • Improves SEO ranking as search algorithms assign greater scores to relevant content.
  • Increases business trust, as your content matches prospects’ need.
  • Boosts website traffic and the number of quality leads.
  • Higher revenue when buyers choose your content over competitors.

3.   Podcast Marketing

Podcast marketing has become established as an effective way to promote your viewpoint and thought leadership and ultimately your business. This long-form audio content format connects brands with buyers more personally.

A thoughtful, valuable podcast encourages listeners to engage with your brand by simply listening. Use podcasts to have a point of view on industry issues and tie that into your brand’s mission and solutions. Share best practices and how-to advice.

There are many resources available for B2B brands wanting to add podcasting to their content marketing toolkits. You can either hire a reputable podcaster or produce your own content. Syndicate podcasts on directories like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher to make content available on preferred listening platforms.

4.   Virtual Webinars

Virtual webinars have become a routine part of the business landscape, as they bring people together despite various pandemic constraints. Not surprisingly, 67 percent of marketers have raised their budgets for webinars, according to a LinkedIn survey. Webinars are still an ideal way to advance relationships and establish trust with targeted audiences. BrightTalk reports that 81 percent of B2B professionals rank webinars as their favorite content type.

Image Source: BrightTalk

Webinars offer attractive advantages to B2B firms and to prospects, such as:

  • Improve brand awareness online
  • Inform buyers on complex topics
  • Address prospects’ concerns
  • Establish the firm’s market expertise

1.   Q&A Sessions Make Great Content

Answering business-critical questions contributes to your thought leadership presence and validates your subject-matter expertise. So make these sessions a priority in webinars. Answer the questions attendees have shared over registration forms or during live sessions. Questions and answers can be repurposed as blog posts, social posts, video clips and other educational assets.

Answers to business-critical questions become valuable content in multiple ways, including:

  • Live streaming on social media platforms
  • Having influencers answer queries
  • Organizing virtual webinars and conferences
  • Attending to queries via podcasts

Ready to Stay on Top of 2021 Content Marketing?

Content marketing has consistently demonstrated its ability to adapt quickly and easily. And during a year that’s changing as rapidly as 2020 did, it’s one of those marketing staples that bring results. Make good use of it. Many B2B brands trust True Influence for their content syndication strategies. What questions do you have?

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