Eight Strategic Questions for B2B Sellers and Marketers

As B2B sellers, marketers and buyers head into a new year, we all face a new set of challenges, as if last year wasn’t enough. Not trusting our ability to predict anything anymore, we cautiously explore our options and opportunities. Naturally, B2B revenue teams have lots of questions during this process.

Not to worry. True Influence is in the game and bringing advice and ideas to the marketplace.

The True Influence Summit was created with the goal of helping B2B teams get answers they need to build revenue strategies that perform. More specifically, we’ve brought together an incredible line up of sessions and speakers to look at these eight strategic questions in particular.

Eight Critical Questions for Today’s B2B Revenue Teams

  1. What are best practices in B2B marketing, sales and data integration to serve the modern marketer on their terms?
  1. How can Sales and Marketing act on intent data signals throughout the funnel to identify opportunities?
  1. What digital sales channels meet the needs of today’s buyer?
  1. What are the important data measurements in today’s funnel?
  1. How do these metrics help sales and marketing engage with prospective customers?
  1. How does intent data remove barriers that prevent Sales and Marketing from creating smarter buyer engagements?
  1. How can sales and marketing teams use intent data to enrich prospective buyer journeys with personalized engagement?
  1. How and when should B2B marketing and sales use a single view of the buyer to segment, personalize, connect and close?

How many can you answer? Having some idea of what these questions mean for your own business is crucial to healthy revenue in 2021 and beyond.

Different Answers from B2B Sales and Marketing?

Here’s a challenge: If you’re in Marketing, ask a colleague in Sales to answer these eight questions. If you’re in Sales, ask your Marketing buddies. See where you differ and where you overlap.

Meaningful collaboration between marketing and sales boosts business revenue significantly. Add data to the mix and a new level of collaboration ensues. This partnership allows B2B leaders to effectively plan digital marketing and sales strategies that increase revenue. This topic of sales and marketing alignment is so important that you can count on lively discussions at the Summit.

How Well Do You Know the Modern Buyer?

The data-driven future is evolving, and digital behavior and intent data are our tools in the modern revenue hunt. They’re how B2B revenue teams get answers. This is especially important today, as more buyers are remote and working from multiple devices.

Quality data gives us information about prospective customers before action takes place, so we can organize for smarter engagements. Aligning sales, marketing and data allows us to plan effective strategies for segmenting, personalizing, connecting and closing successfully.

Understanding the modern B2B buyer is so crucial in 2021, we’ve devoted an entire session to it at the Summit with Laura Ramos, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, and our own CMO, Kay Kienast. At the end of 2020, True Influence commissioned Forrester Research to evaluate the state of B2B sellers’ go-to-market strategies. This critical information will be shared during this event.

B2B Revenue Questions Get Answered at True Influence Summit

So here’s a question for you: Why should you and your team attend the Summit? What answers would give you an edge in 2021? See the Summit agenda and find out.

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