Modernized B2B Marketing

Businesses struggle to navigate through information overload and make sense of B2B marketing in these uncertain times. To break this cycle, we bring you some of the best minds in B2B at our True Influence Summit: Accelerating Revenue in Uncertain Times.

You can sit in as B2B revenue experts discuss how to align marketing, sales and data and find a path to a successful and certain B2B future, including:

  • Best practices in B2B marketing, sales and data integration to serve the modern marketer on their terms
  • Barriers that prevent sales and marketing from creating smarter engagements, and how does intent data give them more results?
  • Building a shared buyer view for marketing and sales to segment, personalize, connect and close

The Summit speakers and sessions will give you fresh ideas on how to turn demand generation into a revenue machine. We’re dedicating this unique virtual Summit to discovering all the possibilities for 2021. 

Summit Panel Looks at Modernizing B2B Marketing

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is on an evolutionary path, with digitization becoming the number one priority. The ongoing pandemic has accelerated this shift, and B2B selling is now beyond simple product pushing. It involves telling an engaging story, finding the right positioning, customer retention, buyer intent data, personalization, and integrated marketing. All of these must be part of modernizing B2B marketing for the modern B2B buyer.

Conventional outbound marketing is taking a backseat, as there is a  paradigm shift towards digital sales. There’s a need for better differentiation and segmentation of messaging leveraging intent data, personalization, content marketing, account-based marketing and market research. 

The True Influence Summit features a stimulating panel discussion on “Modernizing B2B Marketing” led by Kay Kienast, True Influence CMO, with special guest Laura Ramos, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

  • Laura Ramos, is the Forrester Vice President, Principal Analyst
    When you join the virtual, half-day Summit, you’ll enjoy the conversations around important topics facing B2B sellers. You’ll appreciate the thoughtful answers from Laura Ramos, a leading analyst in B2B marketing. Her hands-on senior management experience in corporate, industry and product marketing, demand management, social media, and customer relationship management gives her a unique perspective. Her research for Forrester addresses marketing organizational structure, skills, technology, process and customer experience. These concerns are that top marketers need to understand and integrate into programs that address the impact of digital on the evolution in buyer behavior, markets, channels, and competition.
  • Kay Kienast, True Influence CMO
    As a motivating marketing leader, Kay focuses on growth strategy, brand experiences, messaging, demand generation and channels to acquire, develop and retain customers. Her marketing philosophy remains customer-focused, with a strong ROI approach that nets results. Her deep knowledge about B2B customers and their preferred platforms, devices and technologies has benefited many revenue teams. Kay strongly believes marketing acts as a revenue driver working alongside sales, customer service, product management, and finance to ensure a unified go-to-market approach as one successful team. 

How to Reach Modern B2B Buyers During Uncertain Times?

Modernizing B2B marketing will be a priority for B2B organizations in 2021. Hundreds of marketing and sales leaders have already registered for the True Influence Summit to act on this need. 

COVID-19 has changed the way B2B selling organizations operate, and the disruption came large and fast. There was little time to prepare, but perhaps that’s not as true in 2021. For marketing and sales leaders, this summit will help you refocus on what matters most in 2021. Bring the team and join ̧for ideas on how to reach more customers, engage your audiences, and activate the full buying journey.

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