Find the Gaps in Your Content Syndication Strategy

Now that you’re halfway through your 2021 B2B demand generation plans, how have you used content syndication to grab buyer attention?

B2B buyers judge – they constantly judge brands based on their content. It’s true. For most of the buying journey, your main connection with prospects will be through words and visuals.

Content Syndication Resources

We recognize the importance of earning attention through content, and we’ve helped brands promote content through intent-driven content syndication. For a convenient source of fresh content syndication ideas, may we suggest these blogs?

Your First Steps in Adding Intent to Content Syndication

Traditionally, one goal of content syndication has been to republish an existing blog or other content on one or more third-party media channels to:

  • Expand brand reach
  • Connect with more readers
  • Increase quality leads
  • Encourage conversions

You might not reap the benefits above if you don’t target the right audience with a content syndication strategy. Sometimes brands try to publish their content on as many websites as possible without determining their relevance. No doubt, this results in wasted efforts and resources. Intent intelligence can avoid this. To position yourself as a source of reliable advice and best practices, leverage intent data in your content marketing and syndication procedures. Here’s what to look at early on.

How B2B Content Syndication Helps You Grow Quality Leads

That’s a no-brainer. B2B content syndication brings healthy exposure to your website, improves brand value, and nurtures business revenue. Let’s say your blog post has a potential reach of 1,000, but that reach can increase to hundreds of thousands by republishing it on the right third-party sites. The “right” sites are the ones your target audiences frequent and engage with.

According to SalesBox, almost two-thirds of B2B marketers use content syndication as their core lead generation tactic. Working with industry influencers, authoritative publishers and distribution partners, they push content like whitepapers, articles, webcasts or infographics to a new, specific set of prospects. Pushes may be through email, social media or digital advertising. This article will get the thinking started.

5 Effective Content Syndication Types to Distribute B2B Content

There are plenty of ways to distribute your B2B content, but how do you know what’s good for your business? This article explores some popular types of content syndication that can drive consistent traffic for your website and brand. (And adding the goodness of intent data to your traditional syndication plan further extends your content’s reach and visibility.) Whether you’re exploring a potential market or looking for new channels to connect with prospects, there are various types of intent-led content syndication to consider. Some are pretty easy for any marketer; some might require more attention.Content syndication of all types seems at times to be the marketing practice du jour. And it perfectly makes sense in this content-filled world.

There are currently more than 600 million blogs on the internet. On top of that, 91 percent of B2B marketers use blog posts as part of their marketing strategy. Meaning there’s huge potential to tap into content syndication to grow your business.

Intent-led Content Syndication Services: What to Look for in a Partner

A great content syndication vendor is a trusted partner for your business. So select someone who’s professional and keeps your syndication program running smoothly. Choosing the wrong vendor may turn out to be pricey and damage your brand reputation through inappropriate content placements.

Below are qualities to look for in a reputable content syndication partner:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Are they an established service provider?
  • Do they understand your content syndication marketing needs?
  • Do they have experience working with a brand like yours?
  • Is their service defined and consistent?
  • Have other customers had fruitful experiences with them?

Identifying a legitimate syndication partner isn’t a piece of cake, but it’ll repay your business in – peace of mind, improved brand reach, and increased profit.

Chart a Successful Content Syndication Roadmap

These resources lay the groundwork for many of the ways B2B brands benefit from content syndication. If you’re ready to take the next step, let us know and we can offer some ideas for your roadmap.

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