Flip 5 B2B Marketing Sins into 5 Marketing Best Practices

B2B marketing is about how you tell stories to influence and persuade your business audience. How compelling are your stories? Do you always comply with B2B content marketing‘s heavenly virtues to convince your audience effectively? Or does your overwhelming desire to convert entice you to commit one of these deadly sins? Today, we discuss B2B marketing failures that originate from 5 deadly marketing sins and how to counter them. 

Don’t Make these B2B Marketing Mistakes

#1 Choosing Narcissism over Empathy

Sales and marketing people are often tempted to talk about what they perceive as their company’s positive aspects. Like the newly released features, new website, and on-boarding of new clients. But the display of self-praise can easily backfire when your audience isn’t responsive to your commercial messaging yet.

“Narcissism” is one of the most significant mistakes in B2B marketing. The task is to understand the buyer’s perspective and feel what they are experiencing. So, the best to tackle narcissism is empathy, which is known as the capability to place oneself in another’s position and be in others’ shoes, in this case, the buyer. To think, act from a buyer’s perspective, interact as per buyer personas. Understanding buyer journeys is a great marketing concept. 

A buyer persona is about understanding characteristics and what products and services they might use. These personas might reflect what different buyers are looking for in various market segments. A buyer’s journey is the process customers complete to become aware of, analyze, evaluate, then decide to buy a product or service.

#2 Choosing Lethargy over Helpfulness

Lethargy is chronic unwillingness to make an effort, sometimes known as laziness. In the hunt for web traffic, some marketers may create content to spin up their website to grab search traffic, by piling up more content on the same subject. But in content marketing, inputs are directly proportional to outputs, and, therefore, this fails. 

According to the logic, “garbage in equals garbage out,” investing in low-quality content results in poor audience quality and low-quality leads. Even harder to correct, poor content leads to an inferior perception of the brand, causing more harm than good.

Lethargy can be overcome by being helpful, and it has always been a reliable marketing strategy. Think of tried-and-true ideas like consultative selling and free accounts. B2B content marketing is no different. However, being helpful takes a lot of effort, so there’s no room for laziness. Invest in being useful and beneficial to the audience in ways that align with your business, and you’ll benefit from the relationships you build.

#3 Choosing Greed over Patience

Most marketers are driven by the desire to get more customers, increase revenue, sell more services, and grow the business. Hence, it sounds logical to invest time and effort in convincing potential buyers to make more conversions. 

But a greedy focus on making conversions and ignoring buyers’ requirements, convenience. Neglecting buyer’s journey and customer experience often backfires, and this B2B marketing approach results in failures hence losing the buyers.

Your focus on conversion will likely work for potential buyers who are already champions of your brand. But many prospects will be in different stages of the buyer journey, and equal efforts are needed to help them reach the next stage. In B2B marketing, decision-making processes can take a while. Respecting each stage of the buyer’s journey and delivering the right message at each stage requires patience.

#4 Putting Pride over Stewardship

When success is determined by how amazing, unique, and splashy campaigns are, your pride can mislead you. Pride can result in putting one’s desires, impulses, and needs before others, and this does a disservice to buyers you are trying so hard to win. Don’t invest in being extraordinary. Invest in being useful. That’s what persuades a potential buyer and guides them to the next stage of the journey.

As a marketer, it’s your job to generate the highest possible return on investment. Stewardship means focusing on what works best, so don’t be too proud to reuse, optimize and scale what works.

# 5 Choosing Disinterest over Engagement

Disinterest is having little or no interest, a death spiral for marketers who turn that into lackluster products or services. When your own energy is low, you fail to excite your target audience. It’s good to acknowledge that it’s the marketer’s downfall, not an audience problem. Just like Jonathan Kranz at the Content Marketing World Conference and Expo 2018 said, “there are no boring products — just bored marketers.”

To counter disinterest, the first step is to acknowledge it’s all in your head. A product or service can be tedious and boring to you, but it’s not the same for potential buyers. When you can answer questions like “Who cares about this topic?” and “How do our product or service influence their jobs and businesses?” For the right buyer, a seemingly dull product can turn out to be a life-changer or career saver. For example, think of the damage caused if an oil drill bit arrives two days late on a drilling platform or a printer at an attorney’s office breaks the night before an opening statement. Once you recognize your product’s relevance or service, you can compellingly engage your audience.

Turn These 5 B2B Marketing Flaws into Heavenly Virtues

Synergy with your audience is no different from interacting in real life. With empathy and helpfulness, you will be more effective in obtaining new clients than with lethargy and greed. Buyers are just people, so take care of their wants and needs and take a closer look at your communication. Focus on virtues and avoid the B2B marketing failures. 

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