#FlipMyFunnel in Boston – 5 Reasons to Attend

Last week, Terminus held the #FlipMyFunnel convention over at the Boston Convention Center. We at True Influence® attended, both the convention hall and the lectures, making our rounds to check in on the latest happenings in the world of Account-Based Marketing. With over 600 marketing and sales people in attendance, it was quite a full house, packed with a big data buzz from some of the largest vendors in the business.

Here are five reasons why we believe attending #FlipMyFunnel was a worthwhile endeavor, and you should consider making an appearance next time it rolls around. If you still want to attend an event this year, don’t miss out on attending these upcoming ABM events.

Reconnect with Some of the Biggest Names in ABM

There were a large set of sponsors across numerous tiers that aided in making this conference a success. A few of the representing companies included Engagio, Bombora, Dun & Bradstreet, and, of course, Terminus, the hosts, as well as numerous other reputable names. Being at the convention allows you to both connect with vendors you don’t know, to learn about their products, as well as reconnect with the vendors you do use. It’s the perfect time to scope out software demos alongside discovering insights to help your sales and marketing team.

Engage with Prospective Customers

Similar to the first point, if you’re a marketer who sells and networks to other marketers or sales representatives, then a conference such as #FlipMyFunnel is the place to be to do exactly that. Considering you get free reign on hundreds of willing listeners from 8AM to 5PM, this is the time to meet face-to-face with prospects to expand your network. And hey, if there’s a good match between what you have to offer and what they desire, you may just find your next customer.

Experienced Speaker & Lecture Lineup

An entire day with numerous lectures outlined – of which you cannot attend them all – is one of the core features of the conference. You can hear from Matt Heinz, the President at Heinz Marketing, Matt Senatore, ABM Service Director at SiriusDecisions, Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist at salesforce.com, and many, many more. Big names from some of the most reputable companies. Each of these lectures lasts about a half hour and comes with both an insight into their processes and opinions on each topic, as well as a Q&A to follow, where you’re allowed to ask the experienced veterans anything you want.

Learn How to… Flip Your Funnel!

Flip My Funnel Graphic

I know, imagine the thought, right? But it’s true, beyond just networking, engaging prospects, and hearing from experience veterans, one of the best reasons to be there was to simply learn. You learn from the thought leaders on the ABM trends, from the visionaries who are giving you their firsthand experience on digital programs. You can learn about sales development techniques, case studies from big name brands, and everything under the sun in regard to ABM. And it’s not just for marketers, the conference boasts its own schedule for salespeople too.

Catch Up with True Influence!

Perhaps the best reason to attend, we’ve now made it a point to be at both years of #FlipMyFunnel (as this Boston event was its first birthday). We’re roaming the halls, engaging with vendors, and making connections as a leader in the ABM industry. We arrive with a focus, exhausting our energy to ensure each interaction we have is substantial and worthwhile. Whether in a booth or in the crowd, on stage or off, we here at True Influence demand excellence, and a convention such as this is a great way to catch up with our latest and greatest.

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