How Intent-Driven Micro-Moments Effectively Drive Campaign Performance

In the B2B world, there are moments and micro-moments. Can you think of any real-life examples of these two types of moments? Here’s one interesting example:  If a buyer’s moment is centered around the statement of,  “I want a tennis racket,” then that  buyer’s micro-moment can be centered around the statement of,  “I want a tennis racket right now.” Marketers who are able to successfully identify and deliver this type of immediate gratification are the ones who are ruling the industry right now.

At the end of the day, it’s all about micro-moments. Arguably, Google was the first to identify this unique buyer behavior, which is the reason people receive online results of “restaurants near your location serving Italian food” as one example.

Overall, the ability to capture and analyze intent-driven micro-moments has been a game-changer for both buyers and brands. Now, let’s dive deeper into intent-driven micro-moments.

What Are Intent-driven Micro-Moments?

Furthermore, intent-driven micro-moments are often referred to as  intent-rich moments, which are generated when users use a specific device such as a mobile phone, tablet, or PC) to act on a specific need like knowing, doing, or buying something.

In addition, a buyer’s journey consists of several intent-driven micro-moments, which ranges from knowing and researching new products to moving towards a purchase decision. These micro-moments are based on external stimulus, internal thought processes, preferences, and doubts regarding product relevance and quality. 

Oftentimes,  buyers are mainly: value-driven, purpose-driven, brand-driven, and product-driven.

If you’re interested in gaining a vivid image of your buyer’s digital body language, you can rely on these four primary micro-moments within  your target audience:

1.   I want to know: When a lead uses keywords/key phrases to search and learn more about a product, contextual targeting is needed.

2.   I want to go: When a lead uses specific and relevant words, paid search campaigns and SEO are crucial.

3.   I want to do: When a lead looks for social communities to learn  more from reviews, content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing all come in handy.

4.   I want to buy: When a lead is ready to make a purchase decision, your goal must be to gain their confidence and then channel them to make the purchase.

Ways Smartphones Boost Intent-driven Micro-Moments

source eMarketer
Source: eMarketer

Additionally, a buyer’s smartphones play a pivotal role when it comes to micro-moments. One way is to view smartphones as mini-computers. They’re a primary influencer of micro-moments by revolutionizing the way people access, consume, and apply information. The increasing use of and digital dependency on smartphones have contributed to the growth of micro-moments.

A  buyer’s journey is not linear, but rather a collection of non-linear fragments of which some will be intent-driven micro-moments, according to this B2B study. The study goes on to report that  more than 40% of millennials have influence at each stage of the buying process ranging from researching and evaluating potential vendors to confirming a final purchase.

How do you think your potential buyers create these micro-moments? It could be when  they’re standing in a line at a grocery store, attending a meeting, waiting for the subway, or even during a work commute.   If marketers choose to capitalize on intent-rich micro-moments and deliver a relevant personalized message, they can channel this vague browser into a quality lead who is ready to buy from them.

Tips to Drive Campaign Performance Using Micro-Moments

In general, micro-moment marketing can help make your job easier whether you are trying to persuade users to purchase, answering their questions, or displaying relevant ad content. Below are a few effective  ways to launch successful campaigns and drive conversions with micro-moments.

  • Identify and  analyze micro-moments: Users want answers and solutions to their queries about various products or services and in a timely manner. If you can determine when they want something, you can use these make-or-break intent data-driven micro-moments to fuel your programmatic capabilities and deliver relevant ad content to specific  users at those key moments.
    However, it’s essential to analyze who your buyers are, what they want, when they want something, and how to effectively engage and interact with them.
  • Create content nuggets: When users are somewhat browsing products or services, it’s important  to grab their attention by displaying the right bite-sized consumable content. From here, try to make your ad creative, relevant, personalized, and comprehensive to users.

    Also, remember that a long message may repel users while a short message may attract them, so be aware of the length of your ad content.
  • Locate targets wherever they are:  Users are digitally connected now more than ever. They switch devices throughout the day thus living in countless intent-driven micro-moments. As a programmatic marketer, you can show a display ad to one person on a mobile device and a video ad to another person on a tablet based on user preference. To drive the greatest impact and engagement, it’s ideal to identify targets scattered across multiple online channels, geographic locations, and time zones.
  • Optimize and evaluate performance: On average, how many times do users click your ad? How many times do users only see one of your ads? Are your ads reaching the right audience, what do your buyers think, and how do they react? These are all important questions to regularly ask yourself and your team as your company continues to grow. Fortunately, real-time optimization of campaigns, keeping track of performance, engagement, and perspective metrics, click-through rates (CTR), and conversion rates provide insights about campaign performance.

In these uncertain times, success will come to those who thoroughly understand and meet buyers’ needs within these micro-moments. To gain more insights and continue your educational journey, take some time to read this interesting article.

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