How to Add Intent Data to B2B Integrated Marketing: 8 Resources to Use Now

An B2B integrated marketing strategy stresses a consistent, seamless, yet multi-dimensional brand experience for each customer. This means every touch across mobile screens, laptops, television, radio, print, events, and in person reinforces your core message to a relevant audience. The trick: how do you know if that message matters to that contact today? You can do all the award-winning marketing you want, but if it falls on deaf ears or cold budgets, what good does it do?

Intent signals and teleprospecting bring you guidance about where your integrated marketing has the best chance of being effective. Intent Data brings B2B integrated marketing together to target the in-market prospect. This data is generated by aggregating intent signals, and enables B2B marketing teams to use intent data monitoring to identify organizations with demonstrated interest in their products and services. This arms you and leads you to better, more integrated marketing.

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#1 – 10 B2B Email Marketing Examples That Get Results

Email looms large in almost every B2B integrated marketing portfolio, and inspiration can come from anywhere. You’ll surely come away inspired by these email examples and tips. Here are a few samples: If you’re a B2B email marketer, sign up for email lists both inside and outside of your industry to keep tabs on what other email-savvy marketers are up to. If you like an email, then it’s likely to catch a prospect’s eye as well. Watch competitors and don’t be afraid to test an innovative idea with a small subset of your database. No matter what template you test, make sure emails are written specifically for the persona and segment they’re meant to reach. For example, in the InsightBase® platform you can target contacts by job level – marketing VPs and marketing managers, for example – and personalize a different email template for each.

B2B Integrated Marketing

#2 – B2B Marketing Terms You Need to Know

Since B2B integrated marketing by its nature involves countless ideas, tools, tactics, channels, and more, there is a large vocabulary to go along with it. Make this a go-to resource for marketing lingo and clarification. We’ve put together definitions for the top phrases successful B2B marketer should know. New buzzwords creep into marketing conversations on a daily basis, so we’re constantly updating.

#3 – Intent Data – 7 Ways It Can Turbo-Charge B2B Integrated Marketing

For many B2B marketing teams, “one size fits all” has been the standard launch to lead nurturing, only advancing into more granular segmentation after a contact takes a specific action. Need a new approach to cross-selling and sales intelligence? B2B Integrated marketing lets you adjust the buyer lens to get a clearer picture. Only then can you likewise fine-tune demand generation for powerful impressions that lead to conversions. Buyer intent data leads you to a more focused approach to nurturing based on your target’s intent signals, such as the seven ways we break up in this article.

#4 – Content Syndication Leads Give Your Marketing A Jumpstart

Read this for a quick look at the top of the funnel and the essential Do’s and Don’ts of content syndication. The “Top of the Funnel” stage must be about targeting and building awareness among your prospective B2B buyers. At this level, your lead strategy should focus on introducing your company as a trusted, recognized brand and authority, as demonstrated by your useful content. Content syndication helps serve up the right content to make this happen.

B2B Integrated Marketing

#5 – Best Practices for Effective, Ethical B2B Lead Generation and B2B Integrated Marketing

B2B Integrated marketing has become mainstream, with more channels and tactics to make us further connected and informed. As the B2B landscape gets more crowded, make sure you don’t connect to prospects in ways they could perceive as aggressive, “spammy,” or irrelevant. Are you following best practices for effective and ethical B2B lead generation? This piece can help. With new AI-based prospect identification, it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate your lead generation methods. Customers want relationships based on trust and respect, and this information will help you establish the right connections as you also manage customer information safely and responsibly.

#6 – B2B Integrated Marketing Strategy Can’t Be a Guessing Game

You are not going to best your competitors if you have to constantly reset your marketing plan. Being agile is generally a positive thing, but not when it’s based on incomplete information, or some wild shot in the dark. It’s absolutely vital to base your B2B Integrated marketing plans on serious market research. Not hunches, but real data collected from your sales team, marketing campaign performance, market-wide intelligence, customer feedback, and industry analysts. So why, then, did both Dun & Bradstreet and Forrester Research find that nearly half of B2B marketers rely on intuition, not data, in all phases of their marketing programs? Chalk it up to the usual suspects: data trapped in various silos across the enterprise and lack of analytics tools to data useful to them. Read this piece for ways to make B2B less of a guessing game through intent data. Knowing what messaging and value points resonate with your ideal customer personas is at the heart of both marketing content and product development. You are gathering this data daily. Use it.

B2B Integrated Marketing

#7 – Intent Takes the Fear Out of B2B Phone Prospecting

Personal conversation can certainly be part of a B2B integrated marketing strategy, but it’s an approach that’s often intimidating or hard to scale. “Cold calling” can be nerve-wracking when an inside sales rep has little idea of whom they are actually calling. Just a name, a number, maybe a job title and a generic call script probably won’t address the prospect’s current role in the buying journey. We’re big believers in the value of phone-based outreach as part of a comprehensive B2B strategic prospecting strategy. We believe B2B decision-makers will respond positively to phone outreach if the caller is prepared with information that supports an in-market buyer’s purchase decision needs. To do this, you need data-driven market intelligence and expertise, and that’s where intent data comes in. Read this piece to learn more.

#8 – 8 Ways to Collect Better Customer Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials have been a staple in nearly every marketing strategy for decades, and their popularity shows little indication of changing. Why? Because customer-created content is an effective way to convince an audience of a product’s value and convert prospects into buyers. Consider these statistics:

Even though marketers understand the value of a great testimonial, it’s not always easy to collect relevant, authentic reviews from customers. This piece attempts to demystify the process by offering eight actionable tips to help you collect better customer testimonials.

These are just a few of the ways we can help you power up B2B demand gen with intent-based integrated marketing. Just call 1-888-301-4758 if you’d like to hear more.

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