How to Make Content Work Harder in ABM

95% of B2B buyers choose solutions where the brand “provide(s) them with ample content to help navigate through each stage of the buying process,” says DemandGen Report. Clearly, highly relevant content separates your brand from the digital clutter. And when your brand delivers useful content geared toward account buying groups and journey stages, your chances of success improve dramatically.

How Do You Create Relevant Content for ABM Campaigns?

B2B brands find these to be effective ways to create quality content for ABM campaigns:

Focus on Buyer Group’s Convergence
Create content that aligns the objectives of the buying group around what it takes to solve their particular problem. Focusing on convergence of needs facilitates the collective learning of the buying team as a whole rather than appealing to individual needs. This can be accomplished with an account- and journey-focused content strategy.

Marketing and Sales Alignment
It’s a common refrain — marketing and sales teams need to work closely when it comes to ABM campaigns. Relevant content that’s in sync with buyer conversations is critical to being considered a viable option as decisions are being made. In a unified effort, marketing and sales need to define buying group personas up front and identify engagement points across the journey. Then plan out a joint campaign.

Audit Your Existing Content
Explore your existing content library in pursuit of content pieces aligned with decision makers  within the converged buying group. Map them to the journey and align them in your sequencing to assure they address issues relevant to the people as well as the process in which decisions are made. Once you have a clear idea about your target audiences, you can scan through existing content based on relevant parameters. Figure out where content assets play a role in different stages of the buyer’s within the buying group. 

Help Sales Leverage Marketing Content
Your company’s sales team should be in sync with your content marketing strategy. Unless sales can use the brand’s content to the fullest, it won’t make the desired impact. Make sure to have a process to regularly update sales content and make it easy for them to share and track content performance in line with the opportunities they are working.

Be Specific in Your Content
Highly impactful ABM content addresses specific issues, and helps drive sales conversations on topics that are important in the sales process. Although generic content is important at the top of the funnel, as the prospect or buying team moves toward a decision, you also need useful content that addresses niche issues at every stage.

Measure Impact of Content as a Whole
Rather than tracking the impact of a content piece on individual prospects, try to measure the impact on the team. Overall, content marketing can significantly amplify the impact of your account-based marketing campaigns. It’s all about taking simple steps that will help you leverage your resources for highly targeted accounts.

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