How to Mix Sales and Marketing Channels To Convert Leads

Sales and marketing teams must go hand in hand to attract, convert and retain customers. Intent data is the cornerstone in aligning these two departments into a single unit.

Just because you have intent data doesn’t mean sales and marketing will suddenly be completely aligned. You get the most out of integrated effort by creating a common point of connection and concern across your revenue stakeholders. That common point is buyer intent behavior. Respond to that, and you’ll all be on course. How you respond is open to experimentation. 

What’s the Best Channel Mix for Lead Conversion?

There may be no one way to align your sales and marketing teams. Many smart B2B marketers have figured it out for their brands. But to save you time, we’ve outlined three must-try tactics for your organization.  

Leverage Integrated Marketing Practices

Integrated marketing ralles a variety of channels or touch points around the common goal of increasing revenue. It can even meld marketing and sales channels into a unit instead of disconnected entities.

However, before an integrated marketing platform delivers on its promise, the B2B marketing and sales teams must learn and embrace concepts and methodologies that will make it tick.

For instance, multi-channel integrated marketing campaigns benefit from precise measurement and a clear plan. How will you advance prospects to the next level? How will you shift gears if a tactic or channel is underperforming.

Intent monitoring guides integrated marketing in nearly all scenarios. By learning about search terms, websites, content assets and other online resources prospects likely or actually use, you can quickly identify accounts displaying interest on given channels. You gain the advantage of time, along with many other benefits.

Push Continuous Engagement with Intent Data

Nearly half of B2B marketers rely on intuition in some phases of their marketing programs. However, that isn’t always a best practice. B2B selling shouldn’t still be a guessing game, when there is so much information available today from intent data. It’s wise to base sales and marketing plans on serious market research and intent intelligence.

Ignoring intent data is akin to buyers knocking on your door, only to have no one answer. Why wouldn’t you engage if intent signals told you a prospect was interested in solutions like yours?

With intent intelligence in your toolkit, your team can follow up with relevant content and conversations. Intent also helps retarget and lift across multiple platforms like social media, webinars, and email to continuously stay in front of an in-market prospect.

Implement a Flexible, Shared Marketing Cloud

Of course, an integrated approach and data-driven sales and marketing alignment are next to impossible without the central command hub of a marketing cloud.

An intent-based integrated marketing cloud offers a broader, ongoing view of a buyer journey. It makes it easier to bring intent data into programmatic, content syndication and other channels from one place.

With a marketing cloud, data can be better analyzed and used to answer questions like: 

  • Where do these leads come from?
  • Are we targeting on the right channels?
  • Which marketing channels deliver the most pipeline?
  • What percent of total leads are expected from each channel?
  • Is your channel mix interesting and relevant to buyers?

These answers are necessary for a smooth handoff between marketing and sales as buyer behavior changes. An intent-led marketing cloud prevents unnecessary delays and boosts conversions during these periods.

It’s Better with Sales and Marketing Collaboration

By getting marketing and sales teams to support each other, you create a more friction-free funnel, sending prospects down the right path to engagement and relationships. Why wait? Level-up your strategies today to grow as a cohesive unit!

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