How to Use B2B Teleprospecting in a Digital World: 6 Tips and Resources

Whether you’re part of sales or marketing, your B2B demand generation challenge is to deliver the most qualified contacts at every stage of your funnel. It’s complicated, it’s hard, and it’s time-consuming. And unless you make the right choices, your contacts might not even be guaranteed for all the work that goes into finding them.

Companies that have successfully made teleprospecting-as-a-service part of their B2B demand generation know there are certain things to look for in a good provider. Here are some tips and resources to help you find and align with a B2B teleprospecting team that can truly deliver value for cost.

Checkpoint: Can your partner help your team develop programs around B2B teleprospecting?

It’s certainly possible to try to handle a lot of things in-house, but demand gen doesn’t have to be one of them. Your outsourced demand gen partner should bring experienced customer success managers who work with you to optimize ongoing and long-term programs. Your partner should have experience creating predictable, cost-effective, and top-performing contact generation through the B2B teleprospecting channel.

B2B teleprospecting

Checkpoint: Are there customer success managers available to your team?

Your teleprospecting-as-a-service partner should work with you to craft qualification criteria that identify and convert contacts at all stages of engagement. Once your program is up and running, your assigned success managers should stay on top of things to make sure performance levels remain high.

Checkpoint: In what ways are the teleprospecting partner’s B2B demand generation contacts guaranteed?

B2B contact data isn’t always of the same quality from one solution to another. For instance, True Influence’s TripleCheck® verification process ensures that all contact information is accurate. This kind of demand generation information is guaranteed 100 percent, and any out-of-target contact is replaced, no questions asked.

B2B teleprospecting

B2B teleprospecting outsourcing tip: define metrics and definitions up front.

It pays off to define teleprospecting expectations up front and have the means of measuring them. For example, ActiveBase categorizes contacts into four qualification tiers, ranging from prospects who’ve accepted an asset to Sales Qualified contacts who’ve shared a timeframe for their project and some information about pain points driving their decision.

B2B teleprospecting and trust: tips for better communications with target audiences

Communicating with your market through teleprospecting doesn’t have to be scary. In some cases, it actually lets you leapfrog points along your buyer’s journey. To cut through the noise with the right messages for timely conversations, B2B marketers must be strategic, creative, and agile. Building trust is one of the most important things marketers must do, and this requires honest, effective communication. Teams that have talent and training for teleprospecting can communicate with targets in a way that resonates with their needs, pain points, and ambitions. As a result, you establish a foundation for beneficial relationships.

As you plan integrated marketing strategies, this blog describes what to consider in crafting B2B teleprospecting communications, while staying true to delivering quality experience with your brand. Here are three of the five areas the blog covers that are especially relevant to any teleprospecting strategy:

  • Learn about their interests
  • Make a plan
  • Customize, customize, customize
  • B2B teleprospecting

    B2B Teleprospecting Case Study: 125 Appointments in 7 Months

    Knowing who’s most interested in your product or service allows you to specifically target your marketing dollars in their direction, making the most efficient and effective use of your resources and marketing dollars. Extreme Networks, a high-growth tech infrastructure company, needed to quickly fill its funnel with more in-market buyers so Sales could close more deals. Extreme Networks chose intent-powered ActiveBase to provide the quality and intelligence needed to fuel their sales needs.
    The results: 125 appointments in seven months, and these leads converted at a higher rate than any of Extreme Network’s third-party demand generation sources. “True Influence programs are incredibly successful. We run a variety of programs with several different vendors, but True Influence surpasses any other third-party lead source we have used,” said Mike White, marketing manager of demand generation at Extreme Networks.

    How about a conversation about hitting your demand generation goals using professional teleprospecting and ActiveBase? Just call 1-888-301-4758.

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