InsightBASE helps give True Influence a major boost

True Influence first quarter progress

InsightBASE helps give True Influence a major boost

There’s a reason why Derek Slayton, the vice president of marketing for Dun & Bradstreet, called our new B2B platform InsightBASE™ “marketing nirvana.”

Dun & Bradstreet is a Fortune 500 company, and is one of the many high-end clients that have realized better lead generation than ever before using InsightBASE managed services.

We launched InsightBASE – a cloud-based platform that tracks millions of companies on the internet and connects those that can benefit from the services of True Influence clients – in December of 2015.  Our company generated a 61 percent growth spurt in the first quarter of 2016 compared to Q1 2015, the largest in company history, as reported in a company press release.

The innovation behind InsightBASE gives our clients more information about the companies that are most likely to use their services based on their own behavior, allowing them to launch more focused, targeted campaigns.

When marketing to other businesses, InsightBASE essentially erases the need for cold calling.

The platform is a bit like an online intelligence expert that knows what customers want precisely when they show interest. We are excited about the success InsightBASE has brought not only to True Influence, but also to our clients.

InsightBASE uses an ever-expanding variety of data sources to monitor millions of companies, determining through online activity what a certain company may be looking for – computer hardware or software, for example – by monitoring their visits to web pages across the internet and other sources. That allows our clients to access potential customers early in the game, while they are still in the research stage of the buying process.

“We aggregate vast amounts of Intent Signals™ and B2B contact data, curate it and make it actionable to marketers,” True Insight CEO Brian Giese said in an online interview during the platform’s launch last year. “We’re the gas station. The data is the oil, and the customer is the car.”

In addition to vital company background, InsightBASE also gathers email addresses and other contact information about key individuals at specific companies, ensuring that emails, programmable advertising and broader marketing campaigns target the right people.

“We are finding the right people at the right companies who are interested in our solutions,” said Christine Simonini, Director of Enterprise & Vertical Demand Generation at DocuSign.

Because our clients are better able to focus email and ad campaigns – emails from our clients are opened more than four times as often as standard marketing emails, based on A/B testing – they eliminate wasted time and money and are more likely to gain new clients as a result.

Since the successful launch of InsightBASE, we are proud to announce that True Influence has garnered a position as an IBM Premier Business Partner and InsightBASE has been approved as a native application within both the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and Marketo LaunchPoint ecosystem.

“Our growth is the clearest indication of the value True Influence delivers to our customers, and the launch of InsightBASE demonstrates our dedication to providing them with the platform they need to accomplish their objectives,” said Giese in a recent press release. “Our record revenue growth, selection as an IBM Premier Business Partner, application integrations… all signal that we are helping marketers drive demand and revenue. We will continue to leverage our experience and our technology to provide our customers with the closest thing to an unfair advantage.”

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