Announcing new reporting capabilities for InsightBASE®

Report email scheduling now available for nine key reports

We are pleased to announce the roll out of new email scheduling capabilities for InsightBASE®, our new Account Based Marketing platform.

InsightBASE monitors and curates online behavioral signals so marketers identify and engage with prospects before they identify themselves. This gives marketers the business intelligence to target interested prospects early and more effectively with email and programmatic display advertising, along with having the analytics to make better marketing decisions.

What’s new: Schedule email reports

We beefed up reporting features in our dashboard, making it even easier to get the analytics you need on an ongoing basis. Now you have the ability to schedule InsightBASE reports, generating and distributing them automatically – to your own inbox or any distribution list you wish — along with downloading them from the dashboard.

Schedule Reports - New

With this ‘set it and forget it’ feature, it’s even easier to see how campaign insights, trends and action items change from week to week. More details on what each report details below.

What types of reports can you create with InsightBASE?

Let’s take a look at each report you can generate with InsightBASE and the ways you can use them to monitor and target your prospects.

Campaign Trend Report

The Campaign Trend Report shows you, in a table or graph, the level of interest in your chosen topic at various companies, ranked by the degree to which interest is increasing, decreasing, or remaining unchanged. The dark green column at the far right contains the companies with the greatest increase in interest, while the dark red column at far left contains companies with the greatest decrease.

Campaign Trend Report

Domain Export List Report

The Domain Export List provides the physical locations of the companies interested in your topic, grouped by company web address (the “domain” or URL). The report gives you company domains, city, state, keyword and activity trend of the companies in your campaigns.

Domain Export List

Contact Export List Report

One of our most valuable reports, the Contact Export List gives you the names, titles, phone numbers and email addresses of the relevant people in the companies identified for you by InsightBASE. That information, along with industry, employee size and company revenue is included in the report. You may filter and save the results by specifying keywords, activity level (increased, unchanged, decreased), job level, job function, industry, employee size and company revenue.

Contact Export List

Keyword Potential Report

Quickly find the most popular keywords in your campaigns with the Keyword Potential report – this informative report shows the Top 100 topics, ranked by the number of companies showing increased interest in the specified time frame.

Keyword Potential

Keyword Summary Report

The Keyword Summary report provides an overview of the topics that are trending in interest for each monitored company – see at a glance which of the topics in any of your campaigns are trending in activity within a given company – increase, decrease, or unchanged.

Keyword summary Report

Keyword Insights Report

Choose your keywords and filter by industry, company size, location and activity level to create the Keyword Insights Report. This gives you a tabular or graphic display of the number of company counts sorted by category and keyword.

Keyword Insights Report

Domain Insights Report

Similar to the Keyword Insights report, the Domain Insights Report allows you to choose your keyword topics and filter by industry, company size, location and activity level. This gives you a tabular or graphic display of the surging domain counts by employee size and industry.

Domain Insights report

Industry Insights Report

Get a closer look at the cumulative activity of all the companies in a given Industry with the Industry Insights report. Sort by industry, company size, location, keyword topics and activity level to fine tune the results and display them in a heatmap or tabular report.

Industry Insights report

Geographic Insights Report

See what states you should be targeting in your campaigns with the Geographic Insights report. Sort by number of companies (domain count) or signal count to gain insight into areas that have the most company domain density or interest level.

Geographic Insights

Data is continually evolving and the Intent Signals® we aggregate and filter give us near real time information — unprecedented intelligence in the hands of B2B marketers. We are continually investing in innovative features and expanding InsightBASE’s capabilities to provide our customers with greater insight to target their most interested prospects.


Can I see what are the top trending keywords in InsightBASE?

Yes. Keyword Potential allows you to see trending topics based on your campaign.  You can identify the number of signals and companies generating activity around those topics.  From an industry perspective, Keyword Insights allows users to see what the signal or domain count is around keyword topics within industries, company size, and activity level.



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