Introducing a One-Stop Source for InsightBASE® Product Features: “What’s New”

An easier way to learn about new InsightBASE features

At True Influence®, change is good. We are continually working to roll out new features and improvements for subscribers of InsightBASE, our premier B2B fact-based account marketing platform. With all of the new features we are introducing, we want to make it easier for users to find the information they need.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce a new product feature for InsightBASE, “What’s New”. Subscribers will now have a single link within the InsightBASE dashboard to find information about new product enhancements and updates.

Introducing a One-Stop Source for InsightBASE Product Features: “What’s New”

The new feature, “What’s New”, is conveniently located near the top right of the dashboard, next to the account name. Clicking the link brings you to a simple change notification log where we are posting bi-monthly updates including major and minor product refinements, business use cases, as well as instructions about how to use them.

What's New Screenshot

To find out about InsightBASE, why our customers are so excited about it, and what it can do for your business, schedule a live demo today.


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