InsightBASE provides data-as-a-service to B2B

True Influence has launched a new data-as-a-service solution called InsightBASE™, and it’s aimed at providing B2B marketers with new insights on their audiences by monitoring online activity and identifying trends.

According to True Influence, InsightBASE monitors internet traffic coming into business sites from corporate domains and captures information on the pages users visit and the content on those pages. InsightBASE is powered by the 2 billion monthly intent signals that this automated monitoring generates.

“The B2B buying journey begins with online research,” True Influence CEO Brian Giese told BetaNews. “With InsightBASE, marketers now have the entirely new B2B capability of monitoring visits to third-party B2B websites. It provides a new view and a new opportunity that marketers never had access to before, and marketers are enjoying an average improvement of 400 percent in campaign conversion results”.

Source: FierceCMO

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