Top 8 Trends in Intent Data for 2017

Intent data is a marketer’s new impact player. It’s like the secret spice in Colonel Sanders fried chicken recipe and the mystery ingredient in Coca-Cola. It’s the big differentiator that allows you to receive a customers strong, unmistakable signals of buying intent so you can get your product in front of them at the right time. It puts a company way ahead on the leader board and triggers epic sales results. Already 2017 is revealing its intent data trends that will continue to change the way we market forever. What has the coming year got in store for us? We’ve hand picked eight intent data trends to put the happy in your new year.

  1. Intent Data Can Be Used for Deal Acceleration

Deal Acceleration

Sales teams are already married to their Salesforce CRM platform. Instead of having to log in an out of different platforms, valuable data can be accessed on Salesforce because Bombora has been placed inside of it. Now sales people can take action the insights the data delivers. How does this work? Well, a rep can now prioritize their time based on the data they receive which shows their different accounts level of interest on a daily basis. The rep can make decisions focusing on the ‘highest percentage shots’ and plan their daily and monthly activities accordingly. Account executives will know exactly which accounts to call on that day as they watch which topics are surging in real time. They have been given a brand new winning playbook for effective coaching.

  1. Intent Data for Business Analytics That Anyone Can Use

Intent Data Analytics 

Using Business Intelligence is no longer in the hands of specialist data wranglers bringing us insights from on high. No, these days everyone can use it. Business Intelligence platforms have easy functionality for employees of any skill level to use to answer their pressing questions. Anyone can access the data and combine it into reports, visualizations and dashboards. You can collaborate with colleagues right away using the web browser or even from a tablet as you make new discoveries and wish to share your insights with them.

This just means you are able to accelerate the pace of analytics and are able to start getting on top of the constant data stream coming at you. Its scalable and is safe and secure in the cloud. Everyone can be working from a single source and integrated with software already in use. There is no lengthy set up involved and no hardware to purchase. You can access this data from anywhere in the world. Everyone is going to have eyes on the same data. At the end of the day the company’s business analysts can publish countrywide KPI’s on one centralized platform that everyone can see and understand.

  1. Intent Data and Machine Learning

Machine Learning 

Social data holds key information for your business growth. There is an estimated 2.1 billion people that are on social networks across the globe and the immense amount of data they generate can deliver actionable insights for your company. New platforms are developing the capability to derive meaning from social media texts. It is possible to unify, filter, unlock and use this avalanche of data for your benefit. Algorithms learn to categorize the data into areas like Query, Rant, Rave, Lead, Feedback or Churn. In 2017 an analyst can train an algorithm for machine learning without needing a PhD.

At first the computer will actively learn as the analyst classifies information into the various categories and later it will start to dynamically build, where the machine will suggest a classification and eventually automate them. This simplifies machine learning so that employees across the business can use it. These actionable insights gleaned from social data will become invaluable as you are able to harness the full potential of this tidal wave of social data. No more manual data reading and endless hours of classification by hand.

  1. Intent Data Meets Predictive Analytics

    Predictive Analytics

When you see partnerships like Madison Logic data (largest B2B demographic and intent data source) and Lattice Engines (predictive marketing) joining forces it enriches the whole B2B marketing landscape. These buying signals can be used to increase revenue by improving conversions. When B2B marketers have access to great data that translates into effective lead scoring they are able to make better decisions before they decide on their marketing spend. As much as 67% of a buyer’s journey is conducted digitally (SiriusDecisions Finding) so a marketer needs to have data that can help identify purchase intent early on.

With Intent monitoring you can track customer research behavior wherever it is happening, across the entire B2B marketing landscape. You are able to see what your customers in your target accounts are engaging with online –which communities they favor, which key influencers they follow on social platforms like Twitter or what content they are choosing to download. By knowing their digital behavior, it can alert you to possible customer attrition risks if they are searching replacement solutions or you can see opportunities for cross-sell and upsell if you see them searching for related solutions. In a large account model you will be able to detect potential buying processes in net-new accounts.

  1. Intent Data for Targeted Display Ads

Display Ads

Online postmen, like Semcasting and El Toro, can identify the physical address linked to an IP address with remarkable accuracy. When that data is  linked to a Triple Verified B2B contact list you have struck marketing gold. This means you can deliver your target market with highly relevant display ads. They can offer one-to-one marketing technology that allows multi-platform personalized interactions. The great part is that it is 100% cookie-free targeting as they use offline data that dramatically reduces non-human bot traffic. You can now successfully fuse digital advertising and direct mail by unifying and onboarding your consumer’s data. When you can target real people in their homes you are looking at focusing on ROI not CTR (click through rate) and you will see ads that offer higher engagement.

  1. Intent Data with Real-Time-Analytics

Real Time Analytics

Intent Data gives your Real-Time Analytics “vehicle” a super charged, fuel injected, fast reporting surge. Now data from transactional systems can be made available immediately which gives fact-based operational decision-making a jump start and speed boost. When you soup up your analytics engine you’re receiving processing and provision of information on the spot. This combo will definitely complement a company’s current BI strategy to gain new insights into data as well as gaining additional, valuable findings.

  1. Intent Data Enriching Story Telling

Story Telling

Data has a tale to tell – a New York Times best selling story in fact. Data wants its voice to be heard – we need to hear it speak. Welcome to the sophisticated world of data storytelling. It can tell us the meaning of the data gathered and the insights that can be actioned from the analytics. This is the BI story that all corporations turn to for all of its information. When information is presented in a tightly integrated way, high efficiency is the result. BI tools help to extract meaning from data while ensuring data quality and trust. We see how intent data enriches a story with user insights. We need to know the story behind the numbers for them to have any impact on us. Analytical storytelling allows executives to gain better insights instead of just ploughing through static analysis. These stories form the support evidence to drive a call to action. It always takes a great, engaging story to drive any action.

  1. Intent Data used in Omni-Channel Marketing Efforts

Omni channelWe are seeing how different companies like MeritDirect are using Intent Data in Omni-Channel Marketing to optimize the quality and growth of your contact database. This is made possible by bringing together the worlds largest data assets and data management portfolios to drive efficiency. OmniSolutions is an example of a diversified demand solutions suite of services that elevate engagement with your database as well as being able to maintain and manage it effectively. It has the ability to integrate with both sales and marketing to create efficiencies. The service is actively seeking new “intelligent attributes” to ensure you have the competitive edge. Its innovative reporting capability delivers actionable data segmentation and provides continuity of data quality. You can see the response behavior profile of both your existing clients and your potential customers.

 These eight trends are powerful yardsticks to measure the efficacy of your current use of Intent Data and how you intend to use these revenue generating possibilities to grow your business ahead of the competition in 2017.

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