Intent Signals: Breaking Through the Language Barrier

Brian Giese - Intent Data Signals Article

Intent Signals: Breaking Through the Language Barrier

Brian Giese, CEO and co-founder of True Influence and with over 35 years of experience in the data-marketing industry answers the question: “Are Intent Signals the breakthrough B2B marketers need?” His article, featured in Information Management this week, talks about how the future is much more account-based and reliant on the precise monitoring of intent data signals for sales and marketing teams for fact-based decisions.

I think it’s reasonable to say there’s been a lot of talk about intent data lately in B2B circles. Intent signals in the business-to-business playing field are a proven revelation in seamless, actionable data.

Behavioral data has long been called a “digital body language”, an aggregate of all the digital activity of an individual, but is now much more. The prospective buyer’s path is clearer than ever.

These signals are the information created when a person takes action on the Internet – when they click an advertisement, scan through an online market, visit a specific page for a product, or sign up for a newsletter or webinar.

Moreover, these actions signify a demand to buy. Through intent signals, Brian aims to uncover what the consumer desires so the appropriate vendors can market to them at the right time in the buying process.

Information Management is a long-running news site dedicated to featuring information technology and business content. Read Brian’s article: Are Intent Signals the Behavioral Breakthrough B2B Marketers Need?

Are Intent Signals the Behavior Breakthrough B2B Marketers Need?



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