Intent-led Content Syndication Services: What to Look for in a Partner

An intent-led content syndication partner brings the key ingredient for success — intent data. So, how do you choose the content syndication partner who can offer intent-led services?

We understand selecting the best intent-led syndication services can throw some real curve balls. You’ll need to ensure that the publishing partner you work with is qualified for the job and can deliver the best leads for your business. 

Find Intent-led Content Syndication Services: 5 Tips

This surely requires some research on your end, but here are five things to look for to help you narrow down your list.

  1. Authenticity of Content Syndication Services

A great content syndication vendor is a trusted partner for your business. So select someone who’s professional and keeps your syndication program running smoothly. Choosing the wrong vendor will turn out to be pricey and may damage your brand reputation through inappropriate content placements.

Below are qualities to look for in a reputable content syndication partner:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Are they an established service provider? 
  • Do they understand your content syndication marketing needs?
  • Do they have experience working with a brand like yours?
  • Is their service defined and consistent?
  • Have other customers had fruitful experiences with them?

Identifying a legitimate syndication partner isn’t a piece of cake, but it’ll repay your business in – peace of mind, improved brand reach, and increased profit.

  1. Hitting the Right Audience

Ensure your content partner uses intent data to target the right decision makers. By learning when and where your prospects are researching, your content can be directed in a way that massively plumps up campaign response rate. 

When evaluating any vendor, ask them if they leverage intent data to make smarter marketing decisions. 

With access to buyer intent, providers can make decisions regarding engagement based on the prospect’s behavioral patterns all over the web and not just confined to your site.

  1. Multi-Channel Content Syndication Services

Sharing content via multi-channel campaigns helps B2B marketers identify the purchase stage of a prospect. You’ll get signals that indicate a top-of-funnel expedition or a closer-to-purchase searcher. Therefore, it’s worth knowing what channels your content syndication provider uses.

For instance, if your syndication partner leverages only email to re-publish your content, there won’t be any reach on social media or other platforms. 

If you want the most reach possible, work directly with a multi-channel content syndication provider active on social media, email, telemarketing, and PPC ads. 

  1. Use of Third-Party Intent

Many marketers miss out on the power of third-party intent data. According to the Openprise survey report, only half of the respondents used third-party data to identify new accounts.

As a marketer, if you’re willing to move beyond the preference for first-party data, go for the vendor who uses third-party intent to syndicate your content.  

Third-party intent data provides a clear snapshot of an account’s behavior and thereby offers substantial opportunities for businesses to grow their target account lists. By embracing all sources of customer intelligence, you can fuel your ABM strategy and win new leads. 

  1. Team Structure of Publishing Partners

Maintaining a long-term relationship with a publishing partner is essential, so trust your content assets with publishers of the highest standard. Don’t go for ones who outsource your work to third-party services and may deliver low-quality content syndication leads.

Ideally, businesses prefer content syndication providers work with their in-house team. The rewards are plenty:

  • They know exactly what is going on inside the business and instantly communicate with you if your brand runs into any issue.
  • Their close bond with and understanding of your brand makes it easier to navigate and resolve syndication concerns.
  • They’re experienced in handling promotional strategies in the right B2B content syndication platforms.

By working with the top syndication providers, your company is set for success, and you’ll see a tangible return on your investment.

Ready for a B2B Content Syndication Campaign?

Keep your cool if you’re unable to pick the right intent-led publishing partner on first try. You may have to kiss several frogs before you find your prince. Perform due diligence in narrowing down syndication service providers, shoot questions, and be ready for trial-and-error.  

You might find an alarming number of syndication programs; however, there are some qualified ones like the True Influence Marketing Cloud’s PersonaBase. It couples extensive reach of content syndication networks with buyer intent to find the right B2B personas.

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