Why Intent Monitoring Should Be Your Next Big Thing

Lose the Predictions and Stick with the Facts

Many companies have “predicted” what B2B Marketing strategies will catapult them miles ahead of the competition. We say, “lose the predictions and stick with the facts.” The way to fundamentally alter the course of your company’s success trajectory is to adopt fact-based Intent Monitoring. SiriusDecisions created this new category to make absolutely sure that B2B marketers knew this was a new form of technology; not to be confused with predictive analytics.

In Case You Were Stuck in a Cave in 2016

Just on the off chance that you were hidden under a rock for most of last year, we’ll do a quick catch up and give you the cheat sheet of Intent Signals® history and capabilities to date. It is going to become your “Big Thing” for 2017 so we want to make sure you are totally up to speed.

Accepted definition: Intent signals “is the digital footprint that companies/prospects leave across the internet as they research potential purchases.”

What does this mean? Well, at the exact moment that an Individual at a company takes those first baby steps in their buying journey, we can pick up their signals and have immediate insights delivered to our door. Intent signals have been described as an individual “digital body language” – that we get to interpret with the help of some very fancy fact-base intent monitoring.

We are now privy to “John Everyman” sitting in his office researching topics online to find a solution to his unique problem. Straight away we can see what is important to his organization. This is B2B marketing gold. Prospects are leaving large behavioral breadcrumbs to follow and we can collect this intent data at scale in near real-time.

We can then personalized solutions based on surges in interest in our product line around different personas and interest levels. The individual has been identified so we are no longer just gathering residential or IP Addresses but the actual information on a specific target revealing their position in the buyer’s journey. Our next action becomes totally clear and we can place the right marketing campaign in front of them or make the direct sales call. Lucky for us! So, how did we arrive at this fact-based intent monitoring nirvana?

The “Unknown” Cookie History

Back in the olden days’ behavioral data tracked touch points like email opens, visits to our own website, downloads of our own white papers or ethical bribes and Google AdWord clickthroughs.  By using automation software, B2B marketers could place visitors to their websites into two categories – “Known” or “Unknown.” A “Known” could be identified from having been previously “cookied.” The individual would be known by their name and job title within a company. The “Unknowns” had bypassed being “cookied” and only revealed a company name or address. Both of these categories yielded actionable insights.

Then the technology evolved even further, allowing us to monitor individuals as they visited other websites from the comfort of their own homes. The B2C group jumped on to this capability at the get go and started recognizing when a household was displaying heightened interest in a specific product. B2B marketers only started embracing this capability in 2016 and have been easy converts to its many gifts. We no longer have to tailor our marketing strategies based on job titles and personas, we can identify prospects easily through interest surges. When we marry these corporate individuals IP with signal data from third-party sites, we can target with pinpoint accuracy.

Empowering B2B Marketers with a Competitive Advantage

How is fact-based intent monitoring going to change your life in 2017? What are these intent signals going to deliver in terms of lead generation and conversions as well as increased revenue?

2017’s Intent Monitoring Gift Basket:

  • You can prioritize existing accounts that are surging based upon the keywords used to describe their products / services;
  • Identify which potential new accounts are surging outside of their existing marketing funnel;
  • A new form of business intelligence that facilitates the ability to identify key word trends which helps to optimize content creation, and;
  • Provides the ability to know which domains are surging in near real-time, facilitating being the first to contact the buyer as they enter into the buyer’s journey.

This allows you to:

  • Position your product to the target long before your competitors even wake up.
  • Trigger specific, personalized marketing campaigns can be triggered to targeted recipients instead of to a hit and miss mass audience. Timely engagement is crucial to effective marketing strategies.
  • Send fewer emails and calls to the interested targets and yield superior results. We’d all like a “less is more” approach in this regard.

Side Bar: 450% increase in conversion rate? Yes, Please!

In a 3-month 2016 study comprised of over 2 million emails sent to several hundred thousand B2B recipients in 9 different vertical markets (IT, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, etc.), the average increase in conversion rate (defined as the recipient of an email accepting the call to action in that email, such as downloading a white paper or viewing a video) for campaigns sent to individuals identified using Intent Signals Data was over 450%.

Intent Monitoring Aggregates Evidence

What does predictive do again? Predictive uses statistics of past performance to predict the probability of future behavior/purchases.

With Intent monitoring there are no stats just facts. It aggregates evidence about what individuals at target accounts are researching online and suggests how you can solve their “problem” with your products in real time. (descriptive) Intent monitoring is on constant look out for changes in intensity of target accounts searches and alerts you to the “surge” of interest. The intent signals left by these individuals as they consume white papers, participate in social media, contribute to online forums, search specific keywords and download content, that is all in line with your product offering, points you in the right direction. Here is a definite, active, buying opportunity. Your sales cycle is then accelerated.

A great plus with Intent monitoring is that unlike predictive, it’s easy to operate. You do not have to install or integrate anything. You don’t have to build models or refine algorithms. All you need is to have your playbook or campaign actions ready to deploy at the first sign of a surge.

2017’s Big Enchilada

This is the “Big Cheese.” This year you will be able to deliver your prospects exactly what they want. Say “goodbye” to interruption marketing and “hello” to intent signals seamless approach. Fact-based Intent Monitoring offers the most appropriate form of outreach in over a decade. Relevant content is delivered at the right time to prospects actually requiring your services and products.

With the InsightBASE® Intent Monitoring platform, you can identify prospects when they begin their buying journey to be there when they are ready to buy. Optimize your marketing with the right content, sent to the right people when they are interested.  Sign up for a demo to learn more.





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