Intent Monitoring’s Next Major Step Forward – InsightBASE Version 2.0

Intent monitoring is revolutionizing B2B marketing by harnessing the power of intent data to help marketing and sales teams engage with the right prospects and the right message, when they are ready to buy. True Influence was among the first marketing technology providers to offer intent monitoring of prospects’ online research activity with the release of our InsightBASE account acceleration platform in early 2016.

Now we’re taking it to the next level.

We’ve collaborated with our customers to make our core Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform even better, and today we’re pleased to announce InsightBASE Version 2.0. It’s everything B2B teams love about InsightBASE, plus enhancements to make your job easier, your leads better, and your campaigns even more impactful.

Intent-Based Marketing

When business decision-makers research an important purchase, they do what any person does ― they go online. They visit websites, download white papers, register for webinars, and interact with email content. These online activities generate intent data that indicates the focus and intensity of a prospect’s interest.

InsightBASE ingests millions of pieces of intent data daily, organizing it around more than 4,000+ topics that are essential to B2B markets. This process creates meaningful intent signals that are mapped to companies, contact records, company technology, and locations. Intent monitoring analyzes these signals to find actionable trends that B2B marketers can use to optimize every aspect of their campaigns.

InsightBASE combines the most advanced data and analytic technologies to offer a comprehensive intent monitoring solution that enables B2B marketing and sales teams to:

● Find companies and locations that are actively in market for their solutions
● Receive net-new leads who fit their target profiles and drive spending decisions at companies that are actively researching their solutions

Unlike other approaches to lead generation and prospect research, intent monitoring is based on current activity, empowering B2B marketers to get in front of prospects at the right moment, when they’re ready to buy.

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How InsightBASE Does It

InsightBASE’s advanced Relevance Engine intent monitoring system reviews millions of intent signals every day. These intent signals are organized around topics relevant to your solution and finding “spikes” and lulls of intent purchase at millions of companies. You gain unprecedented insights into your customers, their interests, and the pain points they’re trying to address.

InsightBASE monitors for elevated levels of intent-based activity to identify businesses and locations with an active interest in your solution and delivers net-new leads from these accounts. It fuels your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies by monitoring intent signals at your named accounts and sending alerts of “spiking” activity that indicates a purchase may be forthcoming. InsightBASE’s advanced reporting tools give you access to the insights you need to craft highly personalized content that get prospects’ attention at exactly the right time.

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What’s New in InsightBASE 2.0

With InsightBASE, we offer our customers the industry’s best intent monitoring platform, and we’re on a mission to make it even better. That’s why our development team has been busy adding a slate of new enhancements in InsightBASE Version 2.0. Here are just a few of the improvements that will take your intent monitoring experience to a whole new level.

Improved User Experience

Our platform is all about delivering high-quality intent signal intelligence, but this information is useless if marketers can’t easily incorporate it into their daily activities. We’ve overhauled the InsightBASE Version 2.0 user interface to place fewer clicks between marketing teams and the functions they need. We also understand that not every InsightBASE user accesses it through a desktop computer, so we’ve developed a responsive UI to create a more fluid, convenient mobile experience.

As a result, organizations can implement InsightBASE Version 2.0 more quickly, and users can build and execute campaigns right away, with minimal training.

Improved Company Contact Data

By tapping into more top-quality B2B data sources, we can more accurately map intent data to accounts and prospects to create the highest-value marketing intelligence. InsightBASE Version 2.0 incorporates company data from the most reliable B2B database available, Dun & Bradstreet.

This addition improves the quality, accuracy and completeness of your CRM and MAP databases, enhancing your ability to target by demographic, firmographic and technographic criteria. InsightBASE campaigns now deliver TripleCheckⓇ verified leads, with validated email addresses, phone numbers and names/titles, to offer you they highest quality of contacts in the industry.

Enhanced Campaign Management

We’ve also added a series of enhancements to give you more control over your campaigns, including specifications to:

● Campaign end dates, allowing teams to schedule temporary campaigns that automatically stop delivering contacts at specific times
● Campaign prioritization — for time-sensitive campaigns and aligning contact delivery with resource availability and program priorities

With InsightBASE, we introduced the B2B marketing and sales world to the power of intent monitoring. With InsightBASE 2.0, we’re taking the intent data experience to a whole new level with improved usability, richer data and enhanced intent-based marketing campaign management tools.

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