Intent Monitoring Pioneer Shares Vision of Data-Driven Marketing

True Influence co-founder and CEO, Brian Giese, shared some thoughts about data-driven marketing in a videocast interview. Brian’s vision and methods laid the foundation for the intent monitoring category at a time when the concept was still new to many demand generation practitioners. We captured some highlights of that video conversation here.

Brian Giese

In Data-Driven Marketing, Truth Matters

I think some companies get confused about the market that we’re in. Many brands assume everybody has intent monitoring and that they use it in their demand generation practices in a manner similar to ours. The fact is, most of them don’t actually monitor intent. They’re simply reselling leads they buy from somebody and sell to somebody else. That may or may not matter to a company, but the problem is their deliverables are of notorious poor quality and they have significantly higher rates of return. Plus, it’s not truthful. When companies mask their processes to lead their customers to believe something that’s not entirely accurate it damages the reputation of the industry. For us, “Truth Matters” is not just a catch phrase.

We pioneered our own IP to create a revolutionary methodology of curating intent signals.  Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, we have progressively refined our process to achieve greater levels of granularity that are unmatched in today’s marketplace.

In fact, our identity resolution process was designed as a cookieless process for the sole purpose of eliminating our reliance on third party cookie technology. Such technology is very important to the B2B world, and it’s why we can scale so quickly and reliably over time. This matters to B2B brands, because it demonstrates that prospects have actually engaged with their content and they have done so with very specific intentions in mind.

Ninjas of Scale Need Speed and Accuracy

Intent intelligence has typically been adopted by large businesses, but now there’s more accessibility for mid-sized and small organizations to start using this tactic, too.

If a brand wants 1,000 leads fast, we can do it reliably with speed and accuracy. That’s the model of any ninja, you know. Any great master of anything has the ability to deliver with speed and accuracy. Pianos have 88 keys, but when I play the piano, it’s not very accurate nor very fast. The difference between me and a great pianist is speed and accuracy. Karate is another example. There are only seven moves in karate, but my speed and my accuracy are far different than those of a Grand Master.

Because of our speed and accuracy developed around intent data, we are masters of scale. We scale for any size of company, with both the quantity of leads they require as well as with the accuracy they desire.  We can do both of those things; we’re agile in that way,

Where Transparency Rules, Truth Matters

Our lead flow is organic. It comes from our systems authentically, and that’s the kind of truth that matters. We’re not a black box; we’re open and willing to tell anybody everything about how we do this.

It’s taken tens of millions of dollarsto develop this backend system, and we have teams of data scientists behind the scenes making all this work. We’re happy to show customers how this works specifically, so when you integrate it into your process, you know you can trust it.

From Billions of Signals to Your Next Customer

We’re a data company, and it’s foundational to everything that we do. We leverage data to drive leads to marketing by combining data interactions through artificial intelligence. We bring in data from the web, both first party and third party data. The first party data is on our network; third-party data is through bidstream.

We bring in billions of interactions a day, and then convert raw information into a relevant signal pointing to a company, and companies are triangulated to people. That’s where the idea of identity graph triangulation comes in.

We look at technographic, firmographic and contact data, and we look at web interactions. Intent intelligence is based on things like did a prospect attend a webinar or download a white paper? What are their social interactions? Who else is engaged and active at their company? Is the intent intensity rising or falling? What other related technologies are peripheral to their interests? All that and more is processed on a daily basis and delivered to our customers on a weekly basis.

We see all that behavior and expose it to a marketer in a very meaningful way to show this is the right person to market to. It gives you the person at the right time when there’s interest in consuming your relevant content. That’s what our delivery platform does, and you can do it yourself, or we can do it for you.

As a company, we believe in our quality and in our customers’ success. We’re not going to charge you for something you’re not going to use. We only charge when it works for you. That way, we guarantee success. That’s been our strength, and customers value it. That’s part of the “Truth Matters” message, and it’s why customers trust us with their lead flow.

Contact Record vs Interested Prospect

We help B2B brands by providing quality contact data, not just in the form of a lead, because while the lead is a contact record, that’s not enough to earn engagement. I was talking with a large data provider who sells raw leads, which are contact records, for 25 cents. We sell interested people who care about the topics that matter to our B2B customers for $40. The value equation is there, because raw data is not very meaningful.

When a person expresses interest in a topic or a category, and their behavior says “I’m willing to talk about it,” that’s when engagement becomes very meaningful. That’s whenyou can move the needle financially, and we have lots of customers who tell that story. (You can hear some of those stories at the True Influence Summer Summit. See the agenda here.)

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