Is Intent Signal Data the Future of Business Intelligence in B2B companies?

insideBIGDATA Feature: Is Intent Signal® Data the Future of B2B?

Our company CEO Brian Giese recently broke down the big-ticket benefits of intent signal data in an article for InsideBIGDATA, a news outlet serving as a clearinghouse for the latest information about Big Data Analytics.

Businesses leave clues about their wish lists all over the internet, and Brian explains how True Influence®’s, Data-as-a-Service platform for marketers, InsightBASE®, not only follows the clues, but then uses them to generate wholly personalized intelligence solutions.

It makes sense that if traditionally using marketing data to track businesses that express interest in you is effective, expanding that marketing to include companies looking at the product or service you have to offer somewhere else on the internet absolutely crushes the competition.

Intent Signals are the digital footprints that companies leave across the internet as they research potential purchases include email opens, landing page clicks and downloads.

By monitoring those footprints over time to create interest benchmarks, we have the ability to identify spikes in searches for a certain keyword or service, for example. B2B marketers will know which businesses are in need of their product or service in near real time.

That information is invaluable, and gives your marketing team the opportunity to use personalized marketing campaigns to introduce yourself to new prospects and nurture their interest.

Armed with that knowledge your marketing and sales teams are able to see real-time results by way of quicker sales.

Brian goes more in depth about how this cutting-edge B2B intelligence can help companies significantly boost your conversion rates. Brian tells you how in his InsideBIGDATA article “Is Intent Signal Data the Future of Business Intelligence in B2B companies?” Read it below.




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