Is Website Tracking Relevant for Marketing and Sales?

Products like Alexa, Google Analytics or Compete are interesting tools for high-level marketing metrics. They measure basics like web visits, page views etc. and do a fairly good bird’s eye view of what’s happening on a web site. But can these tools produce metrics that are directly attributable to sales?

What makes website tracking relevant

We have found that a deeper view is needed to make website tracking relevant to sales. The web pages your prospects visit, how they got there, and how often they come back tell you a great deal about their interests and when they may be ready to make a purchase. By augmenting your web analytics with lead tracking capabilities, you can identify individual prospects by name, (even before they fill out a form) and see what pages they visit. You can track their relevant behavior, assign a score to it and pass the information to sales real-time.

Sales insights such as these allow you to build much richer, deeper prospect profiles. Now your sales team has an uncanny reason to call their prospects and they are able to more minutely tailor their pitch to meet each prospect’s individual needs based on what pages they visited.

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