Make It Rain! Marketing and Sales Find More Value from the Cloud

By Brian Giese, True Influence CEO

Should we call it the marketing cloud? The sales cloud? The ABM cloud? Maybe just call it your cloud, and you do you. An intent-based cloud should be able to do pretty much whatever you need it to. 

Companies we work with find that an intent-driven cloud platform increases efficiency and precision in many areas. They can do more to leverage intent data at critical stages across a buyer’s journey, including the all-important buying group journeys. I’m going to cover this topic — cloud use cases — in my final installment in this series. 

Turn to the cloud to coordinate and manage digital marketing

As the cloud platform opens up more uses for intent data, it also extends that intent intelligence value to more groups within your organization. And why not push wider operational use of these intent-driven platforms and processes? Revenue teams benefit from mapping signal data to individuals within a buying team. Marketing and sales ops who struggle with too few quality contacts for their pipeline can identify real in-market buyers. Prospect outreach can be more efficient and personalized at the contact level. 

Marketing cloud leads to more operational uses for intent

There’s significant opportunity from new platforms like the True Influence Cloud to increase efficiency and precision across more areas of your business. Revenue teams can prioritize mapping signal data to individuals within buying teams. Marketing and sales ops with too few quality contacts for their pipeline can turn that around. Prospect outreach can be more efficient because it’s at the contact level. Intent intelligence not only helps focus sales outreach, it also lets B2B marketers better target advertising dollars and spot relevant topics for content marketing. Advanced cloud platforms like the True Influence Cloud are the key in making this a reality.

With a cloud in place, organizations can bring intent data into more use cases. Expanding into areas like these bring in more ROI that justifies even more use cases and applications:

  • Boost marketing and sales operations efficiency
  • Adoption within lead- and account-scoring for more accuracy
  • Real-time account prioritization for account-based marketing
  • Trigger CRM and MAP actions based on intent signals
  • Arm sales execs with relevant insights about contacts and buying groups
  • Drive more effective inside sales conversations and conversions

Intent data: The opportunity and the challenge

A growing number of cloud-based marketing and sales applications involve intent data. Most B2B marketing organizations draw this intelligence from multiple sources and incorporate it into sales and marketing platforms — if they can. Without a platform specifically designed for that type of performance and integration, brands can struggle keeping it together.

Along with an expanding universe of intent data sources, B2B organizations must deal with different types of intent data, from first-party to third-party. In my previous piece in this series, I talk about how an intent-based cloud helps organizations normalize and action data. Clearing this hurdle allows you to bring intent intelligence into more uses.

Single interface to manage sales and marketing operations, campaigns

The martech stack for sales and marketing should be under one cloud – not dependent on a bootstrap collection of snapped-on tools and plugins. An integrated cloud platform simplifies campaign and solutions management and increases ROI through more effective results. It provides one place to go where everything works. Imagine monitoring the results of demand generation and sales efforts from an integrated platform that gives you a complete picture of what’s working and what’s not. Results are easily measured, so sales and marketing leaders can pivot strategies quickly based on data about real outcomes [like Delphix in this webinar video.]

The entire True Influence Cloud integrates easily to inform marketing automation platforms and CRM systems like Marketo and Eloqua. The cloud SaaS software and solution modules can be self-service, so users manage the entire True Influence suite of intent-based solutions on their own. Users manage a suite of intent-based solutions using fewer dashboards and screens. Other organizations choose to get started and up to speed with the help of True Influence digital marketing experts.

Putting the integration in integrated marketing

One obstacle preventing broader use cases for intent data has been coordinating channels and campaigns for integrated messages and touches. As a digital platform, the True Influence Cloud puts the integration into integrated marketing. Easy assimilation and bi-directional integration with CRM and marketing automation gives marketing ops less tech to deal with and more time for strategy and content. Data can be shared without manual intervention. The platform provides timely demand generation, accurate campaign analytics and brand protection — all necessary ingredients of integrated marketing. It also suits the direction Sales is headed, with account-based engagement and SalesForce integration. 

Lead from data-driven sales and marketing decisions

Instinct is great. Collective brainstorming is valuable, but don’t rely on either without including data in your process. Big data analytics has the power to find better B2B prospects. Here’s how:

  • Intent data analysis, segmentation and research tools go beyond lookalike modeling to define your Total Active Market.
  • Natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence come together in a Multivariate Relevance Engine, which gathers and analyzes billions of intent signals each day.
  • The signals identify the behavior of someone researching topics relevant to certain companies and their products. 
  • Proprietary identity graphing finds contact-level intent among B2B decision-makers for account-based marketing.

It all begins with collecting raw data feeds from the web, and capturing intent signals that indicate prospects may be interested and ready to buy. This data gets housed in the True Influence database where it’s categorized and enriched before processing through the True Influence cloud platform. This involves the power of Identity Graph Triangulation.

How data science delivers data quality

With refined data in the platform, the process of Identity Graph Triangulation starts. Advanced analytics use natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence to examine behaviors and identify billions of intent signals. The True Influence Relevance Engine analyzes and matches customer records to build a cohesive, omnichannel view of individuals.

The process delivers only active B2B contact records, all validated by TripleCheck verification to ensure information is 100 percent correct. Proprietary algorithms screen out inaccurate records, so only active B2B contact records are presented. When sales and marketers know they’re dealing with real, in-market buyers, they can move faster and with greater relevance.

How the True Influence Cloud benefits your brand

  • Tighter cross-channel marketing and sales alignment
  • Higher engagement with campaigns and sales appointments
  • More relevant, personalized B2B content strategies
  • Fast, precise analytics and insights
  • Easier to continually optimize tactics based on results

Want deeper insights into B2B buyers? 

Wherever your customers and prospects are in their particular buyer journeys, an intent-based cloud gives real-time, accurate and comprehensive views of their online behavior. The technology behind the True Influence Cloud connects data about prospect interests and behavior, so marketing and sales can better understand, acquire and retain customers. 

Should you join the growing swell of adopters of an integrated suite of cloud-delivered tools? Combined with intent data, this makes the ideal combination for integrated digital marketing. Want to keep going? See this announcement about the True Influence ABM Marketing Cloud for Integrated Account-Based Digital Marketing.

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