Marketing Cloud Wish List for Account-Based Engagement

The holiday season still seems a long way off even as summer winds down, but it’s never too early to put an intent-driven marketing cloud on your wishlist. May we be bold enough to suggest that if you’re a candidate for such a cloud, this is what you’d want in the package for an account-based marketing team.

Marketing Cloud for ABM Demand Generation

A marketing cloud platform for intent-based demand generation uses advanced analytics, natural language processing and artificial intelligence to analyze contact lists, identify buying groups, and prioritize the best accounts to prospect. Predictive analytics and modeling support automation of other marketing activities, such as account selection. All this makes an intent-driven marketing cloud especially well-suited to the needs of account-based marketers.

Within this type of delivery platform, users gain the ability to:

  • Build intent-powered audiences
  • Overlay buying groups
  • Apply demographic and firmographic filters
  • Use installed technology to precisely target active buyers

With this ABM model, leads are delivered to brands via a marketing cloud platform, along with connectors to CRM and MAP partners. In the ABM platform, users interact with leads, view reports and generate new audiences for future display, email or tele campaigns that can be activated with a demand gen partner.

A technology-enabled marketing service provider can open the door to these capabilities. With some providers, pilot programs are sold and campaigns are activated, tracked, reported and delivered within their cloud platform. In addition, their cloud capabilities may not require a separate purchase, but are part of a complementary offering, like intent data solutions.

Good Marketers Need ABM Dashboards and Reporting

With some vendors, marketing cloud services come as part of the package, not a separate line item. Cloud dashboards and reporting also differ from vendor to vendor. ABM dashboardsshould give quick looks into overall account and contact engagement, campaign reach and for marketing/sales outcomes against target accounts. These are types of ABM dashboards you can expect:

  • An audience builder to define segments
  • Campaign dashboards to monitor delivery and intent engagement holistically for campaigns
  • Company dashboards to highlight historical delivery and trends

The ideal marketing cloud supports ABM activities from account selection, through reporting and optimization. ABM reports may show account-by-account metrics for:

  • Intent
  • Content Syndication
  • Display
  • Buying Group Engagement
  • Account-level engagement scoring across marketing and sales touchpoints

An intent-driven marketing cloud makes good account-based marketers even better. As you build your cloud wishlist, be sure these critical capabilities are on it. Making the best platform choice sooner will get you that much closer to positive outcomes – qualified accounts and leads.

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