Marketing Intelligence is everything, Brian Giese says in Huffington Post article

There’s a reason why marketing intelligence is already one of the most important buzzwords of 2017, and our CEO Brian Giese got a chance to let marketers know in a recent Huffington Post article.  Without some way to harness information that determines whether or not marketing campaigns are effective, businesses as essentially wasting their budgets by blindly following the latest headlines about what marketers can do to increase visibility, wrote Brian D. Shaw, a business owner who longs for the day when fact plays more of a role in marketing than fiction.

And it will, Giese told Shaw, in the not-so-distant future.

Business intelligence article

Marketing is everywhere we look, and so is marketing advice, along with a sea of internet noise with a volume button that refuses to be turned down.

It seems daunting, but the most effective approach marketers can take to hear the signals through the din of it all is to use technology to reach out and grab them, Giese told Shaw in the interview that appeared Jan. 18 in the What’s Working section of the popular online news site.

Brian Giese“Marketing rises or falls with the information companies have at their disposal,” Giese said. Given the dearth of information, finding an intelligent marketing solution rides on marketing intelligence. “That reality demands a technological solution, which sorts through billions of pieces of online behavior and sifts through thousands of timely topics—up to 5,000 such categories, to be exact—to enable a business to craft a scalable marketing campaign in minutes,” Giese said.

Automated marketing, which uses Intent Signals® to target the right consumer at the right time with the right message, is the most effective, cutting-edge way to gather important marketing information.

It’s the core of our marketing platform InsightBASE® and the reason why SiriusDecisions, a company that links B2B businesses with the companies that provide the tools they need to zero in on their target audience, has created a new category, Intent Monitoring, to separate intent signals from predictive analytics, specifically for our business model.

Intent Monitoring – gathering the signals businesses send amid the myriad bits of extraneous information flooding the internet and comparing it to baseline activity – is so important because it provides “in the moment” information, while predictive analytics takes a crystal ball approach to marketing. Using predictive analytics – essentially a forecast of what’s to come – does little to wade through the noise, and instead sends marketing campaigns out in hopes that some stick. (The meteorologist doesn’t nail it every time, and neither does predictive analytics.)

With intent signals – which reveal who’s doing what and when based on email opens, internet searches and other collectible data – marketers have invaluable information at their fingertips, which is why it makes more sense from our point of view. With intent signals gathered through platforms like InsightBASE, marketers can target their prospect on a personal level – their intent signals have already given the marketing department the information it needs as a guide – so campaigns are more likely to be successful.

“Automating that outreach, while maintaining a degree of personalization, is essential to advancing the cause of marketing in general,” Giese said.

By using our data – which gives marketers a real-time look at the inner workings of their target audience – they are then able to provide prospects with personalized, targeted information. They are now able to produce campaigns that “contain the language that motivates people to do something, that persuades shoppers to buy something,” Shaw wrote.

Marketing intelligence is really more than a buzzword, more than the next big thing.

It is the tool that open the door to the new customers, increased sales and bigger profit margins, “the tools to distinguish between the signal and the noise,” Shaw wrote, the tools that find out what consumers really want, not just what you think they should want.

For more information on how our InsightBASE intent monitoring platform is a major player in the future of marketing, check out our recent blog post here.


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