Intelligence technology is important but it’s not everything

In a 3rd follow-up article about marketing intelligence, Huffington Post writer and marketing expert Lewis Fein, turned to True Influence® CEO Brian Giese, this time to expand on his take on the art of combining technology and content to target prospects.

Is it all about the technology?

Not as much as you might think, according to Lewis Fein, who has been exploring the intricacies of marketing technology and the delicate balance between the science and art of the field in a series of Huffington Post articles prominently featuring insight from our CEO Brian Giese.

In his latest read, he says that while choosing the right marketing technology is important, the proper analysis of that technology is what will get you the information you need to market to clients in ways to which they will be most receptive.

Fein pointed to our list of Top 10 marketing trends for 2017 (click here for a closer look), which analyzed the 10 leading marketing keyword searches and found that the marketing stalwart email topped the list of marketing strategies. Marketing technology still dominated, however, making it an equally compelling part of the conversation.

Breaking down our trends for 2017, Fein determined that while technology – and the ability to analyze it properly – is vital to marketers, there is still a need for a level of engagement, a connection between person one and person two such as that provided by email, to make marketing successful.

Using technology to gather information such as trending marketing topics and intent signals will help determine a business’s approach when emailing a prospective client. It is, Fein wrote earlier this week, the best way to fuse science and art successfully.

Giese spoke about the importance of email with the marketing company DMN back in 2011.

“Emails need to be educational in nature in the business market,” he said. “Business buyers are very savvy. They view email as a way to learn information about a topic, so emails that educate business people work best. Content should also offer something to the recipient, be it a webinar, a white paper or an eBook. There should be a value in it. Emails should also be behaviorally targeted with relevant content that is of interest to the recipient.”

Marketing technology provides the information companies need to get to know their prospects better, allowing marketing departments to create campaigns that work.

The technology, Fein says, is “indispensable,” but it is the art of properly targeted information that will ultimately make the sale.

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