Technology is elevating marketing voices, says True Influence CEO in Huffington Post

Technology is elevating marketing voices, says True Influence CEO in Huffington PostMarketing technology may be getting smarter, but it hasn’t erased the need for creative voices. It has just changed the way marketers speak, according to our CEO Brian Giese in the Huffington Post.

Marketing is both an art and a science, writes media relations consultant Lewis Fein in a new article appearing earlier this week in the Huffington Post, but smarter technology is ensuring that science plays a much bigger role.

That’s not to say however, that advanced tech is erasing the art of marketing. It’s just sparking a transformation in the process by giving marketers more time for the creative side by handling the weight of the science.

According to Giese, the technology of marketing, the science behind platforms like InsightBASE® that give marketers the tools they need to identify their prospective customers, should independently gather useful information so marketers don’t have to waste time crunching numbers or pouring over data.

“Technology should be autonomous, with regard to its ability to monitor and curate online signals – behavioral patterns, for example – that make it easier for marketers to identify and engage prospective clients,” Giese said. “That means the technology marketers use must be ahead of the curve, so to speak. It must alert users, in real time, about potential opportunities; it must shape the way marketers communicate.”

So, while it may on the surface seem as though tech is pulling the heart out of marketing, advancements are instead providing critical insight by determining an audience, allowing marketers, especially so those on the B2B side, more time to delve into the creative aspects of the process.

Technology doesn’t replace marketers, it is not the artificial intelligence that will erase the need for marketers and is not the panacea for all marketing problems, Fein writes. Instead, mar-tech has the ability to enhance the marketing process, like throwing a certain spice into a sauce or soup to subtly transform it into something sublime.

The conversation about marketing’s merger of art and science isn’t new. Australian marketing expert Grahame Dowling wrote about it more than a decade ago. What is new is the fast-paced growth in marketing technology.

If properly analyzed, Fein writes, it brings with it an undeniable value, one that enhances the marketing department’s ability to make magic, whether through a purpose-driven campaign that showcases a company’s values or through account-based content that makes a company unforgettable to prospective clients because it gave them something of value.

It works, Giese suggests, as long as the creative side recognizes science’s vast potential, and the two sides present a united front.

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