Martech plays big role in customer service, Giese tells Huffington Post

In a follow-up to his March 2 Huffington Post article about marketing intelligence, marketing expert Lewis Fein again turned to True Influence® CEO Brian Giese, this time to expand on his take on the role nurturing the right leads plays in providing the best customer service.

Why are leads so important?

“Without that information, a business cannot identify and cultivate the right prospects. It cannot earn the trust and confidence of the right consumers. It cannot enjoy the word-of-mouth marketing from the right evangelists, so to speak. It cannot transform itself from a business into a brand without the right shoppers. It cannot do any of these things without the right insights involving the right individuals. Period,” wrote Fein in the April 4 post.

In a world where developing consumer loyalty can mean establishing a relationship for life, those leads can mean the success or failure of a business, making marketing intelligence an even more important player in targeting those leads.

According to Giese, True Influence’s DaaS platform InsightBASE®– which is currently expanding into the Latin American market, EMEA and APAC, and others. – provides clients “an impressive 99.1% accuracy rating for leads, across a total of 40 countries worldwide.”

That level of accuracy ensures that the right leads are gathered through technology and can then be nurtured on the creative side, without generating the negativity – such as that which comes when receiving an unwanted telemarketing call past the hour when calls are appropriate – that can come from targeting the wrong consumers.

Passing on the wrong leads to sales not only wastes time for the sales department, eroding the level of trust between marketing and sales that is vital in today’s fast-changing era of tech-based marketing, it can also trigger unwanted action from those leads, who may use multiple avenues – including far-reaching social media – to spread their disapproval over being the subject of unwanted targeting.

By using an account based marketing platform that help aggressively narrow the field of prospects so the leads sales reach out to those who are interested in and open to the contact, not only is a sale more likely, so is positive feedback, which is ultimately the backbone of long-term success.

For more information on how our InsightBASE intent monitoring platform is a major player in the future of marketing, check out our recent blog post here.

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Intelligence technology is important but it’s not everything

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